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Found 15 results

  1. I'm building a mod for 3D printing. I want to put the screen so that you look at it on the top of the mod while still mounting the board vertically instead of horizontally. I'm having trouble achieving that because the screen cable is not long enough to do that and would place it in proximity to the fire button. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Ryan
  2. I am looking to purchase a screen replacement for mu Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250c MOD. I had it replace one already while it was under warranty. The screen didn't last for very long so the mod has been just sitting in my drawer for a few years. I but a couple 18650s into it and it powered up. to my surprise on 1/3 of the screen was unclear or not visible. I want to purchase just the screen and replace it myself but I am having a hard time finding a vender in the US. I live just outside of Detroit in Michigan. Does anyone know if there are verified venders to purchase from ? A quick google search listed: https://www.thevapeden.co.za/products/dna-replacement-color-screen https://www.esauce.co.uk/dna-250c-colour-replacement-screen-evolv-dna022cscr-evolv https://gingerindustries.com/product/evolv-dna-replacement-color-screen/ https://www.protovapor.com/product/replacement-dna-screen/ All listed $9 to $15 dollars US. Can anyone recommend where to purchase from? I would appreciate any input.
  3. Hello! I have created a tutorial on how to change the screen on a Triade. Hopefully this will help if you choose to do the replacement yourself! If you have any questions or comments I would be happy to help! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/198vVxVLqfuFY67Fh4jrc8paey5n1rT2Y
  4. Hey there! Hope you're all well and safe in these strange times. I bought a DNA250c device (ThinkVape Finder 250C) a few months ago, last week the display got fully white no matter what I did - full reboot, change batteries, etc.. so I bought a new DNA250c screen from modmaker.co.uk (reliable supplier), and installed, but this is the result I got. What is possibly wrong? How can I fix it? Thanks for your support.
  5. Had an issue with one wood panel opened a ticket send them a pic, got new doors all in a weeks time. We own 63 vape stores in NY, they repeatedly are conveyed to our staff that the support ACTUALLY exists, and no need to get the run around. We will continue to have LVE products and EVOLV devices until this support stops, we command a good amount of mark up on them and they sell because the customer is told about the warranty, and that the extra money compared to most mods is what your getting as well, on top of the freaking beauties they all are! LVE is the shizznet, Im sure someone may chime in they got screwed but chances are they get mad and take it out on them, having 63 stores (and counting) I hear it all, I will tell you this, an angry customer who doesnt even think before speaking or acting are generally angry people and no one wants to deal with them, be nice, have the damn receipt of Proof of Purchase and you are gold.
  6. Hi all Is it possible for the DNA boards to support alternative OLED screens, perhaps with different resolutions i.e 128x128? for example something like this https://uk.farnell.com/midas/mcot128128rv-wm/display-oled-tab-128x128-pixels/dp/2769699
  7. Hello all, My DNA 75C recently developed a black spot on it and I'm looking into getting a replacement screen. I can't seem to find any video anywhere that shows how to replace it though. I'm currently deployed and don't have access to many tools. So I'm debating on whether I should send it off or do it myself. Could someone post a link or video or something so I can determine whether I can do it or if I need to send it? Thanks!
  8. Everything was going nice and smooth until the screen on my Therion stopped working completely. The mod is in perfect condition and has never been dropped or anything. It is still firing though so I am pretty sure it is just a screen issue. Please help.
  9. Hello, I just received a vape mod and I noticed the screen doesn't turn on. I tested everything: soft & hard resets, screen mode in device monitoring (shows "normal"), changed brightness settings, and nothing. Also, it's worth mentioning: screen disconnect setting isn't just 0--it's BLANK (as though value was not read). What could it be? A software bug? Or firmware issue? I literally just opened it out of the box today. Interestingly enough, the fire button does seem to work (it does go into stealth mode and all, too). I got two, and the other one doesn't have this issue. Any ideas? Please and thank you. It's obviously under warranty, but I don't want to send it back, having to wait weeks before I get it again
  10. Hey everyone, I've just finished drawing the custom screen for my Cthulhu Hastur MTL atomizer. Maybe someone also use this atty and wants a cool screen, so do not hesitate to download this image for your mod. P.S. I have handcrafted this image/logo in Sketch (vector editor), so if someone wants the source file - I can share it.
  11. Hi there guys, i was wondering if there are any suppliers/vendors who can ship a replacement dna 200 screen to South Africa or who perhaps knows about a supplier in SA?
  12. Hey guyz, Im a new vapor and ive just got my very 1st DNA box mod which is Epetite DNA 60. I did unbolt my Epetite because I wanna know how a DNA looks like and incidentally I broke the screen. Can you guys pls tell me what the name of DNA 60's screen? Then i can fix my terrible mistake. Thank you very much.
  13. It worked for 2 days and all of a sudden the screen is completely white, it vapes and I can change settings in escribe but the screen only shows white. Tried factory reset, hard and soft reset, changed themes, removed battery for a while, loaded sp24 and sp25. Still the same. What could be the problem?
  14. Hello ! My screen replacement just arrived, but I honestly have no idea where to begin and I can't find any guide online pertaining specifically to VTBox 250 by VapeCige. The screen is the large replacement you can order from evolvapor itself (https://www.evolvapor.com/products/dna250) Does anybody have any related experience or can guide me in the right direction? Thanks!
  15. HI, First time on here and have a Vaporshark DNA75 and the screen in blank. The mod works ok but no display. I've checked on Evolv and disconnects is 0, reset device and still no joy. Trying to go into/out of stealth mode seems to do nothing. Anyone got any advice or is it a return job for a bust screen? Thanks.
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