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  1. my battery level is jumping around, 85%, 45%, 4% plugged it to Escribe and voltage on cell 2 is jumping a bit also. Anyone know what the problem is? Battery Management.csv
  2. So was applying new settings to the device and after uploading settings the device does not read batteries at all smh. Tried uploading a blank profile, factory restores and everything. Device just wont recognize batteries. Display and mod turns on when USB is plugged in. On batteries, if I press the fire button, "Evolv dna 200" shows up then "Check battery" and screen turns off as soon as I let go of the button.
  3. I'm despondent. I literally am beside myself. I have been vaping for over 3 years now, and ever since the first time I heard of the product DNA mod, I coveted them, I wanted one bad - for over a year, I wanted one so so bad. Finally, black friday of 2017 came, and I found myself in the position to be able to finally afford not just any DNA, but a DNA 250! I got a great black friday deal on it, even with expedited shipping from DHL, the total cost was right around $100; which is still an extremely expensive mod, but atleast at a price that i could manage, and it's a DNA so it must be worth it, right? I've babied this VTBox250 from Vapecige, it's never once even so much as been dropped. What do I get for my persistent deal hunting, and patience, and over twice the price of a mod that can do essentially the same thing? Heartache, That's what. If you do a search for VTBox250 in these forums, there are only a dozen or so posts, but guess what the topic of nearly every singe one is? You guessed it, Battery Problems. This all started just a couple of days ago when I put my mod on a charger overnight and awoke to find that it hand't even charged half way, and not only that it didn't have the "I'm charging" lightning bolt symbol inside the battery. Sigh. Surely it's the micro usb cord - no problem, I only have about 50 different micro USB cables of various lengths and styles and tried just about all of them, to little avail. Sure I would connect it and it would seem as if it were charging, but as soon as the screen went blank, I could touch any button to relight the screen and clearly see that it wasn't charging at all. I'm really upset at this point, and I start to googling, but all I really come up with are the escribe forums. I hadn't messed with escribe very much - well, for this exact reason, I didn't want to mess anything up. But I followed the suggestions of a few patrons about resetting the defaults and reloading the latest firmware. Yet the problem persists. Using the device monitor, I can see that the 3 cells of the battery arin't quite right, cell 1 and 2 were find, right around 4v and identical, but cell 3 was running closer to 3.5 volts. I reset defaults, renewed firmware, everything anyone suggested to help solve similar problems. I even did a recovery charge, which for whatever reason is logged with escribe, but hey, it wasn't charging anyway, so I tried several times. Now, just a few hours later, cell 3 - which was reading 3.68 or so, now according to the device monitor, is at 0.01 Volts...Cell's one and two are now at 3.99. Wonderful, thank you for draining my device escribe software. So now here I sit broken hearted, my coveted DNA 250 was all just a bunch of hype. I've contacted both Vapecige and Escribe and explained what was happening, and someone had better either have a solution for me or send me a new mod, because this shouldn't be happening to a mod less than 4 months out of the box. Ugh I'm just completely disgusted that after spending a pretty penny that a quality product is not what I end up with. If anyone suggests changing the battery pack, I may just take this currently useless brick and sling it as far into the woods as I can - because this is MOST DEFINITELY a manufacturer defect, considering the only info you find on the model is people with battery problems. I'm just so depressed - attached is a picture of the device monitor as it stands right now, plugged into the computer and should be charging....sigh .....
  4. How can I make Custom Icons and Gauges for my themes and import them into Escribe. I don't need a step by step guide but more so a software I can use to create the icons and gauges.
  5. ***in abscensce of anyone ending up providing sourced material, I'll leave a poll for those that don't know as well as to if you believe they would service the device or not. -- Bottom line is I'm not sure if I'm having battery issues as of late currently, or if I'm just vaping eayyy more than usual. (It has been, atleast since I've started to notice, just since upgrading my Original v2 'DNA Go' , to the 'Plus' firmware, and have begun using a little bit higher wattage) If my queries on the forums, & personal tests in device monitor, show that I do need to have it sent it to be serviced. ×How likely is it that it will be denied for their second "Rejections" criteria 'normal wear and tear'? , I ask because I have like, the most minor of scratches on one or maybe two of the edges, however; what I need serviced is completely unrelated, these are small scrapes from me holding it, I need the battery and/or port serviced. And 2nd: Is there anything in 'Escribe' I can change that would invalidate my warranty also?? I.E. 👇 I want to change the, whatever its called, 'maximum puff time' from 6 seconds to something more like 10 or 12 so I can hit the lower wattage longer than the higher for harder for coil BUT I know that's after turning on either researcher or 'manufacturer' options. (that second one sounds an awful lot like a form of invalidating your warranty through 'altering the software or firmware of the device' in a non consumer way? 😬 TL;DR: will super minor scratches (attached) invalidate my warranty request? Especially for something unrelated? (possibly battery/port) & Any settings in Escribe I could change (like manufacturer options) that would result in invalidated warranty? And what are they? (want to change puff time length from 6 seconds to 10) (also anyone know why the selection in escribe is to set puff time and it gives you a drop down with selections in seconds from 0 to 10? (OK I can't attach pics for whatever reason. But imagine literally the lightest of scratches maybe a mm across on two opposing corners only damage.)
  6. I've got my Paranormal DNA 250C from a vapeshop near my city. I Bought it at about 6 month ago. I got an issue with my Paranormal DNA 250C My Battery percentage in my device is detected at 4%, but when im check my battery at a charger and other mod, it shows 100%. I have change 4 battery and still, its show 4% on my device. The issue started at about 3-4 days ago, when my battery jump from 100% to 80%, 60% to 40%, 20% to 0%. I try a couple time pull and put it again the battery, it's always show a different percentage (sometimes it 70%, 60% or 40%), even though my battery is 100% (checked from my charger and other mod) Im using Sony VTC 5A Now i cannot vaping Is there any solution for my problem? Video from another user that have a same issue : Video Thanks
  7. I use wismec dna 250. Who can tell how to configure 3 batteries cells
  8. Hi, I want to close the topic with percentage problems. If you see wrong percentage, first of all check voltage in mod, than check percetage in other mod. If it`s showing wrong percentage, you must save your battery csv, and edit it in excel and put it right in the mod again. There is voltage and percentage box. I suggest to make from 0 to 100% (10,20,30%... 10 boxes) and divide voltage. If your battery max is 4.2v so start from 100%-4.2 or 4.19 and then others. I`m attaching my default HG2 profile using this method, you may edit it, depends on max voltage. Mod picking up measuring great after that (99-98% showing good). Sorry if i was obvious, it must be pinned as soulution to this threads. Done on Lost Vape Paranormal 250c battery default.csv
  9. Hi I've recently got a Paranormal 250c. when my batteries are charged in other mods or an external charger, my mod shows the batteries at 70%. and it never shows it fully charged. but in all of my other mods, the batteries are displayed correctly. what should I do? I know it can be fixed by the evolve software but I don't know what to do. please inform me if you know the solution.
  10. Hi everyone! First time posting here. I've been wanting to use my 3d printer to make a mod for some time. I think I have a finalized design but I could definitely use a second look from all of the experienced modders here First the pics! It's my first time so go easy Front plate got a little washed out in the render. Still learning the software. Here it is with the lid off. I decided to capture the front face plate in the enclosure for two reasons. First I wanted to be able to remove the faceplate and board if needed. Secondly, because I incorporated the board standoffs into the faceplate it can't print in the same orientation as the rest of the enclosure without supports.
  11. Where the battery goes into the board can I wire 2 wires with the orange adapter so I can swap batteries and make easier external charging
  12. Hello there, I bought recently a Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 250 with 2x LG HG2 18650 3000mAh (brand new). For 1 week everything was all right, I charge it through USB without any problem. Now when I plug it (on computer, on charger, I tried with many), it blinks in red 3 seconds more or less, then turn to green as if it was fully charged. When I start EScribe, here is the result. As you will notice the USB power and current are both at 0. I tried a firmware update / USB Recovery Charge. I tried to charge the batteries with a battery charger and they charge (except it takes 10 hours because I've got a charger for 1 battery only). And sometimes... miracle... it charges again, without obvious reasons . But better not to unplug it at this moment or it will probably won't work again... Would you have an idea on this issue? Don't hesitate if you need more data. PS : The peaks in the cells voltage only appear if the USB charging is enabled, if not, the values are stable around 3.5 - 3.6 volts. Thank you in advance, Johann
  13. Does anyone have the discharge profile for 3 VTC5a?
  14. I have 3 Lost Vape DNA devices, 75C, 200 & 250C. I want to get them all set up perfectly but am not sure of what procedure to perform first. As the case temperature will increase when firing the mods then this will affect the internal resistance of the mod if my thinking is correct. Therefore it will impact on wattage and so affect battery performance. Do I run case analyser prior to running Battery analyser or vice versa ? I will start with the 75C as a single battery mod will take less time and I want to maximise battery usage and have all settings spot on (OCD I think). Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  15. I have 3 Lost Vape DNA devices, 75C, 200 & 250C. I want to get them all set up perfectly but am not sure of what procedure to perform first. As the case temperature will increase when firing the mods then this will affect the internal resistance of the mod if my thinking is correct. Therefore it will impact on wattage and so affect battery performance. Do I run case analyser prior to running Battery analyser or vice versa ? I will start with the 75C as a single battery mod will take less time and I want to maximise battery usage and have all settings spot on (OCD I think). Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  16. Here is a discharging Profile for the Sanyo NCR20700B battery with 4250mAh and 10720Wh. SanyoNCR20700B-4250mAhSingle10720Wh.csv
  17. Hello everyone, New to dna devices and squonking in general but I bought this expensive Boxer dna75 and Im just learning it aside from everything being wonderful and me loving it I get the check battery warning at 65% and below at 55 watts now im using a single Ijoy 3000mah 3.7v 20700 and Ive seen numerous issues with this on here after searching for a fix with this one but never really got anywhere I was thinking it could just be the mod but why sell such an expensive mod that can only last 15 big puffs before its at 65% and weak battery? I will post my diagnostics when the weak battery warning pops up and will come back to do a screenshot of the full charge here is a list of suggestions I tried to fix this - -changed soft cell from 2.75 to 2.50 - this seemed to function the best but at 60% got the warning today again -made sure I checked multiple 20700s from shops so its not just my battery that does it -bent the + tab a bit to make sure it had a solid connection -updated all software and firmware out of the box It also asks if I want to use new setting for the resistance every time I start it back up from charging the battery the date and time also change idk if that is anything but figured I should include it. Ive just been using it at 55 until the warning and charging again. Now im brand new to this stuff so I may be the one in the wrong here but its so frustrating to pay this much and not have this work like it should I talked to retird and he said to make a post here honestly My Kaos mod with 2 18650s works 10x better and last 10x longer than this one but I wont deny that I really don't want to return it I hope its not the Mod itself. I even went as far as ordering ijoy 18650 adapters from Canada to see if that helped they wont be here for awhile though. I appreciate the help guys none of the shops or people from my area are familiar with dna mods so its real hard to get answers to my concerns. The fist picture is it firing with no battery warnings on 70% the second is it firing when the warning starts popping up till eventually it stops firing.
  18. Hey guys, just got my paranormal 166 a few days ago, just upon checking escribe it offered me to update to the latest service pack and since i changed some values in escribe i had to upgrade or it wont save my data. Since then, battery life went from outstanding to average,( it took 2xvtc5a a full day from 8am to 10pm almost constant use on 0.2ohms and 85w, now its like my old wismec, 1puff 1percent lol))but my biggest issue is, that if i change batteries, the percentage wont change. I was on 85%, changed batteries to fully charged ones and it stayed on 85%, i used it, recharged the other ones just to see and since it was on 78% the new fully charged batteries show 78% too and as it is depleting and doesnt recognize the change when it goes to 13-15% it will stop firing no matter how well charged the batteries are in it?! Damn these service packs and firmware upgrades 🙄 have anyone experienced anything similar with the new service pack?
  19. ive looked on this forum and only found one thread about the battery issue that my paranormal is having: it will skip around from percentage to percentage and when it finally reads batteries are weak, ill take them out and put them on my charger, they are still at 50% when the mod reads 20% or less. has anyone found a fix for this? ive tried to create a ticket with lost vape but it wont let me. this is driving me nuts!!!! ocd guy here
  20. hoping i could get some help with my Lost Vape Efusion DUO DNA200. For some reason the lipo battery went down to 0% last night (ive never seen it go lower than 10%) so i charged it and went to use it this morning and it said SHORTED and the battery level was still 0%. Just got home from work and it no longer says shorted but when i hit the fire button the welcome screen will flash for 1second and then go black (still at 0%). I cant get it to charge via the computer or wall port. Anyone have any ideas? Did my lipo die? its only a few months old. device monitor: https://i.imgur.com/EHzjxvT.png csv.csv
  21. I just bought my first DNA 200 mod. ( Lostvape 133 ) and I would like to use one brand of battery exclusively ( Sony for example ) I was wondering if it would be worth changing the battery settings in the mod section to numbers more dialed in to the spec of my battery. Or should I just leave it as is
  22. PowerHobby 3S 11.1V 5200mAh 50C Lipo Battery Pack w Deans Plug 3-Cell link to battery https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F302061099165
  23. I do own an external charger, however taking the batteries in and out of the therion 75c is a pain, so I would like to know if some of you charge your batteries inside the device and if anybody has had any negative experience by doing so Once again i do charge my batteries externally, but i really wanted this therion
  24. Regarding lithium ion battery set up 1. Operating minmum voltage of evolv board: Spec sheet says 3.0v. Does this mean board shuts off if battery resting voltage is 3.0v or display check battery message? 2. Weak battery: Spec sheet says it will display this message when battery needs to be charged or requires you to use higher amp rated batteries. Is this determined by measuring voltage sag of the battery? Using some form of thermister to monitor battery temperature? I would like to know actual process in triggering this message 3. Check Battery: Pretty much same question as #2. Spec sheet says it will display this message if battery is deeply discharged, needs to be charged or if it is damaged. How does evolv board determine this? By monitoring voltage sag? Temperature? Etc. 4. Soft cell cut off: what is the minimum that you can set? For example if I set to 0.1v will evolv board let me fire the device until it hits that mark? Or is there some automatic protection/prevention trigger system? Yes I know that voltage is not possible, I’m just making a big exaggeration to make my question more clear. 5. Relationship between voltage, amp, and sag: Not really a question for evolv but just curious if anybody can answer. There were two identical batteries, and I am trying to push x amount of watts on both of them. Which of below set up would result in lower voltage sag? One with higher resistance, thus requiring higher voltage and less amperage or one with lower resistance, thus requiring lower voltage but high amperage It will be best if someone can summarize relationship of voltage sag to discharge voltage and amperage
  25. Hi, i just bought a therion bf dna75c, but it wont turn on and i dont know why. My battery works in other devices and the atomizer too. Help pls, i dont know what to do. I can turn it on if i conect it to my pc. but when i try tu put an atomizer it turn off when i unlock it.
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