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  1. Hmmmm.....Never had any problems like you..........Maybe in fact that i always lock ohms and doing fast battery swap.......?????
  2. Internal resistance dna 250c Paranormal

    Usually it should be around 0,003 - 0,004 if everything is fine ........
  3. Why hiding the PK function?

    Safe? Why not ? If it works with your coils - you may will get burned cotton if it runs dry - but first of all it should give you a constant vape experience - may the quote of constant puffs is not good enough to announce this feature official.... So happy - it´s there it seems to work good enough to use it ........ so let´s not discuss further - as result evolv may remove it ...... Hopefully NEVER happens ;-)
  4. Why hiding the PK function?

    Maybe initially the PK Mode was not designed to be used regular ? Who knows - why announcing a feature that may work but not 100% ........... Happy that it could be used without official Support
  5. problems with replay

    As Soulvape already tested and confirmed even Kanthal and NI80 Coils running in Replay mode - you only have to switch to PK mode........
  6. "replay" rumor mill's already turning

    AFAIK there is no US board - there are two versions of software and firmwares - for the US market and the int ones! Who will hold you up - doing things the way you do? ;-) So - if the int version is released .............................................................
  7. Form follows function ! First of all WE are all happy that a mac version exists ! No matter if it looks like a Mac version or like software from the year 2000! For ME it makes no difference how it looks - as long as it is working as expected! For a long period of time we had to use Windows / Parallels to program our devices - this now is over - so for me no need to discuss the look of the mac version !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I´m that happy with this peace of (FREE) Software !
  8. check atomizer message after SP23

    I´m pretty sure that your problem is different - because you have "Check Atomizer" on every firmware even on SP22 - so you did the right thing!
  9. As far as i know : Latest boards out of the RMA process are labeled as DNA250 but are DNA200 - So if escribe shows DNA200 it is a DNA200 ! Hopefully someone of the DNA stuff will look into this and give us a statement!
  10. check atomizer message after SP23

    We´d already tried it via Facebook - For all native german speaking - you can also visit the German DNA Crew on Facebook - btw. My real name is Michael Brandt so feel free to contact me!
  11. check atomizer message after SP23

    With all of my DNA75C i´m on the latest SP - without any Problems (Only vaping in TC Mode) So i wonder why others having problems! Beside this fact i also wonder about the "silence" from Evolv........
  12. Coil Face ID ;-) - You made my Day! Beside this - w´d like to use the boost with slow heating coils - not for more power - a lot of people asking for Preheat ! Most of them using chinese mods with custom firmware - always the same question " i wonder why my cheap mod can preheat and the DNA not?" (Kanthal non TC)
  13. Happy with being limited to the nameplate ! So yes it´s worth adding the functionality! (for me)