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  1. Coil Face ID ;-) - You made my Day! Beside this - w´d like to use the boost with slow heating coils - not for more power - a lot of people asking for Preheat ! Most of them using chinese mods with custom firmware - always the same question " i wonder why my cheap mod can preheat and the DNA not?" (Kanthal non TC)
  2. Happy with being limited to the nameplate ! So yes it´s worth adding the functionality! (for me)
  3. Maybe the ribbon cable is not connected correctly to the board - maybe the ribbon cable is sitting too close to the fire button (in some mods it is sitting that close to the fire button that it may got pinched) - so your still under warranty - i would try to get it replaced!
  4. Try to use escribe - device monitor and look at the numbers - i´m sure that everything is fine except the Display is showing wrong
  5. I would bet that the Display / Display ribon cable is damaged .....
  6. Push @James Did you find the time to look into this? Beside that i don´t have this problem - a lot of people asking if there are any news - most of them downgraded to sp22 - but i think that downgrading is no solution! Regards Mikel
  7. May be your battery sag is such high that the mod shuts down complete while firing - escribe device monitor will show you the possible problem Post a screenshot of the diagram so we can take a look what happens
  8. akku problem

    This will be the best way !
  9. akku problem

    If you have a multimeter you can try to make some measurements - set the multimeter to Ohms or diode testing - use the probes to touch both of the positive contact inside of the mod - it should give you 0 ohms - next use the probes to touch both of the negative contacts ( sitting in the flap) it may give you also 0 ohms but maybe they designed it so, that one contact goes to one of the two contact fields so do the other - the contact fields are getting shorted by closing the flap and making negative contact to the chipset - i guess one of the negativ poles is not connected to one of the contact fields ! Alternative you can try to use the mod with one cell only - i guess it will only work with cell in one slot! so it is about to find out if the problem is in the positive contact section (inside the mod) or in the negative section (in the flap) - BUT - the mod is less then a week old - send it back - bring it in - it is under warranty! My description is only for how to find out whats wrong - it is 100% Hardware related no software update can change the problem!
  10. akku problem

    Without disassembling no way to fix it! if your device is under warranty - send it in to let it be repaired! If not - the cells are parallel - so there´s a contact problem in the battery tray - you have to open it and look for a broken contact/soldering
  11. Yes it may be this little bad guy - the question is - why this management chip is dying ??
  12. Check Atomizer - No Atomizer - this should not happen anyway if an atomizer is screwed on! Looking like a faulty 510 or 510 connection - also the reading of the resistance should be more or less stable (in function of changing temperature it may variate by a few milli ohms) but no real jumps!
  13. Okay - at first we should sort out if this issue is related only to the Paranormal or to any DNA75C device ....... So as i mentioned before - a screenshot while firing would be a first step - Since i do not use ss316l i can´t test with this material - i´ll try to get a bit of ss316l from my friends to do some tests with it.....
  14. Since you wrote that the device is one month old - it should be under warranty - So you should contact your local dealer - of course the display is exchangeable but why resolving the problem by yourself ?
  15. Broken ribbon cable - my guess too!