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  1. robert ferragamo

    eScribe and Mac w/Mojave

    does any one know when mojave will get a update i still cant use it
  2. robert ferragamo

    dna go

    post your favorite DNA GO settings for mtl&dl here and why you like those settings so i can learn more as time goes on
  3. robert ferragamo

    Dead Rabbit -DNA75C & DNA250C & Replay

    where is the replay i dont see anywhere on the screens
  4. robert ferragamo

    need help

    thank you
  5. robert ferragamo

    need help

    im using the latest software sp15 2.0 but the firmware on my dna250c is say its running sp33.2 1.1 what do i need to do to get device to be the updated firm ware
  6. robert ferragamo

    USB fault

    did you find out what was wrong mine is connecting but after a while with batterys in the mod wont connect i have to take batterys out for 5 to 6 hours then put backin then it connects again
  7. does anyone have problems connecting to escribe every once in a while were it doesnt recognize and then after a bit it does or is mine just mess up
  8. robert ferragamo

    downloadin escribe

    why when i download the international version and i download and check version its saying its the us version and my device was set up on international ver it wont reconize on the us one what do i do
  9. robert ferragamo

    USB fault

    i have the same problem
  10. robert ferragamo

    not hooking up to escribe

    ver 2.0 sp15
  11. robert ferragamo

    not hooking up to escribe

    ver.2.0 sp15
  12. is any one having problems trying to get threre dna 250c to escribe my 75c dna hooks up fine im thinking i got a bum dev. but it charges when plug in
  13. robert ferragamo

    75c "Replay" update missing feature ??

    where is the download for replay 75dna
  14. robert ferragamo

    problems with replay

    ok thanks i thought that was the problem but wasnt sure
  15. robert ferragamo

    problems with replay

    i was using ni 80 and set the replay it was saying playing then set it down went back to it and playing is not there no more took atomizer off change then put back still no save puff or playing am i doing somthing wrong please help out