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Found 4 results

  1. I see most of the issues were on boards programmed before October but this is happening to mine which was made in October. Is it the same issue?
  2. I recently bought a DNA75 an there is this bug with temperature sensing that is still present since the early days of DNA boards. When you vape and your batteries dies and you replace it, the temperature sensing will be way off. You can compensate by lowering the temperature but it's annoying. The cause for this is that the chip "forgets" the previous cold ohm resistance reading and reads the atomizer automatically as a new coil, so gets a wrong reading. The whole temperature sensing is off until you let it rest for an hour or so. This can be avoided by locking the temperature but it isn't a great solution. The expected behavior would be that after the battery gets replaced it keeps using the same ohm reading or asks "new coil yes/no?". Any chance this will ever get fixed with a firmware update?
  3. Hi guys, Not sure if this was posted already. On latest Escribe it would seem I am unable to change the "Kanthal Power Limit" if the battery is set to "Power Supply". Current workaround is to set the battery to anything other than "Power Supply", upload settings, change "Kanthal Power Limit" to what I want and set Battery back to "Power Supply". Once uploaded back the Limit sticks! Thanks
  4. Hi, I recently started using my LostVape Paranormal. Unfortunately, I noticed that there is a problem with the display. After a while the display becomes unreadable. An example of how it looks like I was trying to capture on attached picture. I tried to upload other themes, but it does not give anything and the display on each of them becomes blurry and appear vertical lines. Did any of you meet with such a bug and have an idea of what might be a problem ? I will just add that some pressing around the display does not change anything.