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  1. Yes thanks. The technician did not create the bridge between B and GND, between B + and 3. Now it works perfectly.
  2. I measured the voltage between 1 and 2, between 2 and 3, between 1 and 3. Always 4.2 volts. Then I tried between Gnd and 1 = 4.2 volts, between Gnd and 2 = 8.4 volts, between gnd and 3 12.6 volts.
  3. Hello. Escribe is fine. I have also updated the firmware. The connection is the same as the original one. The cables in the box are original. I have already done the measurements and the tension arrives.
  4. The device remains on only if connected via USB and batteries inserted. Only with USB but without batteries the display does not light up but Escribe detects it. Only with batteries does not give any sign of life. If I hold down the fire button, the display will appear in sequence: check the battery, check the atomizer.
  5. I measured the solderings on the board where the battery cables arrive. Between Gnd and 1 I have a value of 4.20 volts. Between Gnd and 2 I have a value of 4.20 volts. Between Gnd and 3 I have a value of 4.20 volts. Between Gnd and B + I have a value of 12.6 volts. I attach the values of Escribe. I sent the original motherboard because she did not read the atomizer after 2 months of use .. Now this new motherboard replaced in warranty gives me this problem. All disassembled and assembled by an electronic engineer. I am disappointed by the Evolv. I paid the LostVape Triad DNA 250 € 200.00 a year and a half ago.
  6. Hello. Are you intending to read the escribe cell tensions? The display does not light even under USB.
  7. I recently replaced the 250 DNA motherboard on LostVape Triade DNA 250. I respected all electrical connections. I installed a new display. The circuit does not turn on and the display remains black with batteries or a USB connection. The Escribe software detects the motherboard.
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