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    Lost vape Triade 250c battery problem

    At 50 % voltage was 3.7 volts. At 15 % to 0% one cell dropped to 3.2 volts and then it showed weak battery warning. I rotated them and same happend, same battery, different slot. It turns out all 3 batteries were bad. They were purchased in shop with mod as brand new but they were from old stock. Code on all batteries reads they were made in 2015.
  2. Hello to all! My Triade seems to have a problem with battery drain. From 97% to around 50% drop 2-3% per 3-4 hits, but from 50% to 0% drops in matter of minutes. It will go down 10-15% per 1-2 hit. Compering it to my asmodus lustro, lustro lasts longer then Triade. Batteries are Sony VTC6. So how to set up this thing proprerly so it can last at least a day.