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  1. Hello I have my bbox dna 60, the power goes up alone, I remove the cap of + - switch, but I do not see anything, have you had this problem thank you
  2. Hello, it's good, I unsolder my connection and fix directly on the screw fixing the body, I scraped my top battery cap, I empty a tank and it works, thank you dwcraig1, very good service after sale, and long life to EVOLV
  3. The problem is back, tomorrow I dismount the box and I look at the problem of gnd and body mass, I'll let you know, I think the problem you talked about contact must be hurt;
  4. I cleaned and recovered my battery cap, I found a piece of plastic hidden under a cap by cleaning with a cotton swab and walking, I thank you very much. on dna my favorite chip, I hope the problem is solved, thank you again
  5. am going to look at this or can connect the gnd on - pin, which is odd is that it worked originally without gnd connected
  6. I ask myself if the cutt of the battery is too low, 2.75V set by evolv
  7. Everything is well connected, the box worked well when I buy it and suddenly it does that, I change the chip and it remakes the same problem
  8. I vap kanthal and no TC ,and thank you for snipping tool
  9. I set as the file EV.ecigprofile
  10. can you explain to me how to record my fire curve in monitor system, when I record it gives me exel-shaped table,thank
  11. Hello, I just changed my chip, when I fire my battery gauge weakened, I vap 15W and falls to 5W, there is a problem, that's why I changed my chip, how to fix the problem, thank you
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