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  1. OK. No problems. Because the DNA250C board is longer on the bottom, I milled (with Dremel) a small cavity in the bottom of the case. Also, nonexistent "SELECT" middle button has a hole in it. I filled it up with a little white delrin plug. I made that photo for my Russian friends and marked it in Russian. But I'm sure, you'll understand. Карман - cavity, Заглушка - plug. Also, DNA250C has one of it's inductive transformers offset to one side, you will need to cut a hole for it in the plastic cover. Окно - hole in this case. And I'm sure you know how to solder jumpers, on the board, to make it work properly, with two batteries.
  2. It wasn't hard. It did require few adjustments though. But I didn't use anything except Dremel and X-acto knife to cut plastic.
  3. I didn't try that. But I installed Evolv DNA250C board in SXK Boxer Clone. I also have an original Ginger Vaper Boxer DNA250C, but this one came out better.
  4. AMDtrucking

    EScribe Suite 2.0

    I did, but the wattage, is still 75W maximum. There must be a way to dump US firmware and install International one.
  5. AMDtrucking

    EScribe Suite 2.0

    @James, if the board was purchased in the US and intended to be used in Russia. How could I switch firmware from US to International version to get 100W for DNA75 Color?
  6. AMDtrucking

    Blank screen

    Update: I was out of town, when my display went blank. I wasn't going to bother Evolv Customer Service with this problem, I was going to just purchase a new display. BUT, to my pleasant surprise, there was one waiting for me in my mailbox. THANK YOU Evolv!!!
  7. AMDtrucking

    Blank screen

    I'm not sure I understand the previous post, but my screen went blank too.
  8. AMDtrucking

    DNA250C using NiFe problems

    I'm assuming that you are referring to a case design of the Boxer? I agree, it is a good design, as far as achieving smaller overall size trying to fit two big batteries and everything else. However, IMHO, it is NOT that good, when you are building a squonker though. There is a huge opening, right in the area, where tube is attached to the 510 connector. That opening is the "gate" for spilled liquid to flood the board. Granted, DNA boards are somewhat protected by clear coating. But as my last experience showed, DNA250C are very vulnerable to liquid spills. What I'm going to do next, if Evolv replaces my board, I'm going to take RTV Silicon and hermetically seal that opening. I haven't done it yet.
  9. AMDtrucking

    DNA250C using NiFe problems

    Me too. And as far as I know, displays are NOT covered by warranty at Evolv. I hope they will not deny my second RMA in two weeks time frame. As for Ginger Vaper, I'm not going to bother writing them. In Evolv we trust!
  10. AMDtrucking

    DNA250C using NiFe problems

    How come every body ignored my display issue?
  11. AMDtrucking

    DNA250C using NiFe problems

    1) You need MM510 connector: 2) 22mm plate. (Not required) 3) Installation tool (Not Required)
  12. AMDtrucking

    DNA250C using NiFe problems

    Since my display quit working this morning, I ran Device Monitor in Debugging mode, looking at "Screen" monitor, but I'm not sure what to expect from it. It looks like this. Note: The batteries are removed. It's an old habit of mine. I don't USB charge DNA and I remove batteries when connect to Escribe. I had unfortunate experience in the past with DNA200.
  13. AMDtrucking

    DNA250C using NiFe problems

    You mean when I still had display working? Yes, I used a short plug to measure IR of 0.006 Ohms.
  14. AMDtrucking

    DNA250C using NiFe problems

    Based on what I've been told by Evolv, when I had it repaired, my DNA250C board had some liquid damage to it. Well, this time, I made every precaution, that it will never happen again. My Boxer is dry as desert. But the screen went blank on me. Even though, the board still works, I can't see what it does.
  15. AMDtrucking

    DNA250C using NiFe problems

    Right on the dot 0.1 Ohm. I think, it's because of MM510 and 14 Gauge wires that I soldered to it, instead of the set screw. Also, let's not forget about the negative connection. If you've noticed, the nut did not sink all the way into the plastic. That's because my negative soldered tab washer, that goes around the threaded part of the connector under the lock-nut is three times thicker and made out of copper. Could somebody tell me, what is the proper name for that washer?