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  1. AMDtrucking

    The Trucker DNA250C 30Ml. Squonk

    I don't really make anything for sale. But I suppose, if you make it worth my while... Just keep in mind, in order to be able to install my "Offset Elbow Adapter", you will need to cut a piece of stainless still tube, from the end of your connector and cut threads M3.0 -0.5mm. For my friend, I also made a new "Back Nut", out of Stainless Steel, because the Delrin one, was too weak.
  2. AMDtrucking

    The Trucker DNA250C 30Ml. Squonk

    That is correct. We use clutch, only in first gear, to start rolling from a dead halt. Once the rig is in motion, we shift up or down, without a clutch just by synchronizing the vehicle's road speed with proper RPM of the engine. All transmissions alike 18-speed or 10-speed and everything in between. In fact, using the clutch, will not help you shift, if RPM of the engine is incorrect for the road speed of the vehicle, the clutch will make it worse. In every gear, you step on accelerator, then let go and pull the shifter out of the previous gear, into neutral, and right into the next gear. If the timing is correct, it will go in, like a hot knife in butter. To shift down, you just need to give it a little gas, in neutral and then into a lower gear. A clutch can be useful, only to pull the lever out of the gear, if were not fast enough to pull it out when you let go of the gas pedal. I'm a car-hauler, I transport cars on my truck and get to drive a lot of different cars, every stick-shift car, that I get to drive, from Volkswagen to Lamborghini, I drive the same way. It's like riding a bicycle, once you learn, you never forget. That said, I have to admit that I am a Hypocrite, because my current truck has an automatic transmission. Who needs shifting with all these electronics gadgets nowadays? On the back, in my sleeper, I also have 32" LCD TV, Laser Printer and Scanner. I use Sprint for my Internet connection 50 Gigabytes of data per month. 😉 Back on Topic: I drove 620 miles yesterday, vaping only on my "Trucker squonk". It was a such a joy, not worrying about running out of liquid and/or batteries, then I forgot about that pasky little wire. In fact, those 14 gauge silicon super flexible wires are very good. I used about 15 ml. (50%) of liquid in my squonk in 14 hours yesterday, refilled in the morning and rolling again...
  3. AMDtrucking

    The Trucker DNA250C 30Ml. Squonk

    I'm thinking of anodizing it in the future, but I'm not selling it. I made it for myself. Well, having a wire is not this mod's the most convenient feature. But having an unlimited power source and 30ml squonk bottle, defiantly makes it bearable.
  4. AMDtrucking

    Boxer dna 250c clock + Batterie error

    Yes they are, but only one of them, is mine. It's the blue one. I've had it from the day one of release and in had several modifications to it. Including an RTV Silicon sealing of the board, at one time. What looks to you as a PVC glue, is actually what's left of that silicon. But my leaking issues have gone away, since I installed an offset elbow adapter and I don't use silicon anymore. It's a pain in the A to remove. 😀 What I do now is I spray it with a product out of Germany, it's called Plastik-70, it specifically formulated to protect PCB from moisture.
  5. AMDtrucking

    Boxer dna 250c clock + Batterie error

    I also made a Stainless Steel back nut and replaced original delrin nut.
  6. AMDtrucking

    Boxer dna 250c clock + Batterie error

    It's a little off topic, but I was getting tired of the Boxer's leaking issue due to the position of the bottle offset. I made my own Elbow Adopters and converted several mods of my friends. They are now dry as Sahara.
  7. AMDtrucking

    The Trucker DNA250C 30Ml. Squonk

    LOL. This is also a solution. I just finishes sanding my The Trucker. I don't want to polish it, I wanted to to have a "Brushed finish" so I used P1500 sand paper.
  8. AMDtrucking

    The Trucker DNA250C 30Ml. Squonk

    Thank you, but I doubt that a lathe and BridgePort mill, can be installed in the cab of a truck. I use it in my truck, but I made it, in my garage. Sometimes at home 🙂
  9. AMDtrucking

    The Trucker DNA250C 30Ml. Squonk

    Right, that's the easy way. I wanted to do that in the first place. But if it was possible to keep that gage and have it display 100%, I would prefer that. I guess not. There. The battery field is gone.
  10. AMDtrucking

    The Trucker DNA250C 30Ml. Squonk

    I apologized for my typo's. The word MAST, should be read as MUST and CRESS, as CROSS. It's too late to edit it. Could anyone suggest, how to wire it properly, for Power Supply 12V, in such way that the battery indicator, won't show 1% charge all the time?
  11. AMDtrucking

    The Trucker DNA250C 30Ml. Squonk

    Being a truck driver, I always wanted a squonk mod with more juice capacity and endless supply of battery source... The bottle compartment has to be completely insulated from PCB. The PCB, as well as MM510 connector, have to be screw onto the aluminum body of the mod, for reliable connection. 14 gauge AWG silicon wires have to be used to lower the internal resistance of the mod. Ended up making one myself. It is DNA250C mod and it has squonk bottle of 30 milliliters and powered by my truck batteries. I still need to work on the finish, right now the finish is of my lathe and mill. But it is functional, I'm testing it with 3S LiPo 40C. I've got to work on the Theme setting and get rid of the battery indicator, because it shows 1% all the time. In Escribe - Mod - Battery, I chose "Power Supply - 12V". I'm not using the board's balancing terminals, because I don't intend to charge my truck batteries via USB. I don't know why, but I drilled Ø1.0mm hole in front of the LED 😉 I keep my vaping gear in the cup holder, so my mod mast be able to stand, that's why I made power connector on the side of the mod. The sought of hanging it, like the truckers CB microphone, did cress my mind.
  12. OK. No problems. Because the DNA250C board is longer on the bottom, I milled (with Dremel) a small cavity in the bottom of the case. Also, nonexistent "SELECT" middle button has a hole in it. I filled it up with a little white delrin plug. I made that photo for my Russian friends and marked it in Russian. But I'm sure, you'll understand. Карман - cavity, Заглушка - plug. Also, DNA250C has one of it's inductive transformers offset to one side, you will need to cut a hole for it in the plastic cover. Окно - hole in this case. And I'm sure you know how to solder jumpers, on the board, to make it work properly, with two batteries.
  13. It wasn't hard. It did require few adjustments though. But I didn't use anything except Dremel and X-acto knife to cut plastic.
  14. I didn't try that. But I installed Evolv DNA250C board in SXK Boxer Clone. I also have an original Ginger Vaper Boxer DNA250C, but this one came out better.
  15. AMDtrucking

    EScribe Suite 2.0

    I did, but the wattage, is still 75W maximum. There must be a way to dump US firmware and install International one.