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  1. My N1 250C

    @Ryan Brooks Can you post a screenshot of Device Monitor with all of the battey options boxes ticked? An you are positive you have "3-cell" selected in EScribe and uploaded to the device? I would re-go over your battery wiring/soldering to the board, as well; balance tap connections and all.
  2. Temperature Wrong

    Just a wild guess but i'd say you have connection issue somewhere. Have you calibrated the mod resistance yet? what does atomizer analyzer say? if you're getting a satisfying vape at "275f" that tells me the base resistance is artificially high. That means a poor GND and/or soldering/wires. Can you post some pics of the soldering, mainly from board to 510.
  3. Replay saved- Playing- Check atomizer Warning

    @smlemmon Replay has a "warmth" setting in EScribe and on the default Evolv theme. Although, it's labeled as "Replay" on the device. I think it's adjustable, just like "punch", from 1-11. It's under the "Atomizer" settings on the device.
  4. N80 + SS Coils in Replay

    In Escribe If that doesn't work the TCR of the coil (wire combos combined) may be to low. Or you have a mod/base resistance stability issue.
  5. DNA250C using NiFe problems

    @AMDtruckingEvolv will most certainly take good care of you. Sorry hear your chip is causing you such grief. IS IT JUST ME, OR IS THIS PICTURE BORDERLINE PORNOGRAPHIC????
  6. DNA250C using NiFe problems

    @AMDtrucking what happens when a USB cable is inserted for EScribe; does the PC instantly recognize it? Are you familiar on how to open the debug section of Device Monitor?
  7. DNA250C using NiFe problems

    @AMDtrucking when you initially press the fire button, does the mod fire? fire but no screen? or no fire and no screen as well?
  8. 12 Gauge 510 Wires

    You sure you have the Varitube V2? I have a mods built with a V1 and V2. The V1 limits you to a max awg of 14 BUT the V2 really has no wire size limitations do to the re-construction of the positive portion you solder to. My guess is you actually have the V1. See on the V2 you have the entire positive platform to solder to. No brass fitting to slide the wire through. Makes use with bigger wires easier. As for the GND ring, you don't need to thread the wire through the wire hole, just solder the wire flat against the ring. You could even solder the wire directly to the brass nut.
  9. paranormal 167 odd behavior.

    If you never ran case analyzer then the room temp displayed will be incorrect. But even when calibrated it won't fluctuate like board temp. So it staying at 110F and not changing as frequently as board temp is normal (although the value itself is incorrect). If the board temp is all over the place that could be could be real or false reading. It's almost impossible to diagnose a problem through forum posts. Either way, contacting Evolv and Lost Vape is your best bet as i suspect this not fixable by your average consumer.
  10. paranormal 167 odd behavior.

    @Boopinhoopties You're board says 116f when only charging at an average of .6 amps. This value is unaffected whether case analyzer is ran or not. case analyzer only corrects the room temp readout. My guess is it's board related. Could be a variety of possible causes. Juice on the board somewhere / missing or failing thermistor (or some other board component). have you tried re-flashing the FW? just for the heck of it, couldn't hurt at this point. I'm not sure of Lost vape's warranty service but the board inside the mod is covered for 1 year by Evolv. I would open a help ticket with them explaining the problem.
  11. paranormal 167 odd behavior.

    @Boopinhoopties can you post a screenshot of DM with cells 1/2, USB voltage, USB current boxes ticked? It's a great tool for diagnosing problems. The USB voltage should not dip between 5v~4.27V during the constant current phase of charging. Slight peaks and valleys (a few hundred millivolts) are ok. The 250/167 should charge at 1 amp when connect to a PC. Current limiting will happen if : the USB voltage starts to sag around 4.27v / either of the two cells are close to 4.20v / the board temp is reading abnormally high or low temps / USB socket, on board, is wearing out (same for USB cable, itself). what version FW are you running? below is normal charging for a DNA 167 2 cell
  12. My DNA 250C Build.........

    Absolutely not, way too big. 6mm too big to be exact. I have a custom 3D printed 6mm spacer coming from the UK to go between the lid and box. Will update post with pics when the thing gets here.
  13. DNA75C - Is 75W a hard limit ?

    There are so many safeties, not known to the average DNA user, your risk of frying the board is about 5% or less, regardless of the capabilities of the cells you're using. You're good to go. I have have 2 Sanyo 20700B cells (15 amp ones) in parallel with my DNA 75C and have not run into any issues running the board at max wattage and pre-heat.
  14. Issues with Replay

    Ya the copper slug works with all DNA boards that use EScribe.
  15. My DNA 250C Build.........

    My go at building a 250C...... Materials: Alpinetech 1590B with pre-cutouts DNA 250C Board Cradle 12mm Domed Tactile Switch Varitube V1 22mm 510 Infinity 4S 1500mah 90c Lipo 14awg Output silicone wires. 28awg enamel magnet wire (fire switch wiring) Waiting on a 6mm 3D printed spacer, from the UK, for between the lid and box . It’s a big a$$ lipo.....