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  1. ChunkyButt200

    Alternate usb pins on charging board

    @georgii_ your easiest option is to go with what @retird posted. The other option would be to use something along the lines of this : You would have to tap into the USB +5v, GND, Data + and Data - traces on the charger PCB. Lost Vape rolled their own 2 amp charging board, they didn't use the Evolv version. You would also have to make room for the USB C breakout board and widen the USB socket hole for the larger C socket. A lot of work for little to no gain, IMO. Why do you want a USB C connector instead of the micro USB?
  2. ChunkyButt200

    First DNA250C Build HELP PLEASE!!!

    @Ryan Brooks main thing is battery config (2,3,4 cell?) / removable? non-removable? / lipo? cylindrical? non critical things i tweak are : mod resistance / battery capacity / profile setup / case thermals.
  3. The 100w applies only as a 1 second pre-heat boost feature. 75w is max continuous output of the board.
  4. ChunkyButt200

    My DNA 250C Build.........

    @kwfranklin88 The mileage with a fully charged lipo is as expected for a 4s 1500 mAh lipo, not as long as you'd think with a lipo that size but my main reason for getting such a high C discharge rated lipo was so i wasn't stressing the lipo, regardless of my set wattage. I'm sacrificing vape time for a higher discharge. There's barely any voltage sag even at a 300w preheat. I figured overkill on the lipo so i never have to replace it.
  5. ChunkyButt200

    Silicone Wire

    @NMEones I have no idea of the screw size needed to mount the board. It depends what you're mounting the to......plastic? metal? wood? I honestly never bought screws for mounting the board. I always had screws left over from other mods or various other projects. I just used what fit for the project, never measured them. In the PDF It lists the screw hole size and suggested screw size.; try there first. If you're still doubtful, open a help ticket or if someone happens to read this and they know for sure, maybe they can chime in.
  6. ChunkyButt200

    Silicone Wire

    Silicone wire is so much nicer to work with. Most if not all regulated mods use silicone, so you're golden. Just make sure you have the correct gauge. Each board has it's own recommended wire sizes. Be sure to look at what gauge is recommended for your model. You can get that info from the PDF's available on the Evolv website. Each board has it's own PDF manual.
  7. ChunkyButt200

    Need help finding parts for first diy-ish DNA250

    Hey, @Paul828 have you tried to contact Ginger Vaper for just the body, contacts, wiring and 510? I'm not a huge fan of their battery contacts but it's better than nothing. Another option is to look around on Shapeways for an enclosure. As for the 510, wiring and batt contacts Ebay, Varitube, Fatdaddy Vapes etc. sells em. HERE>>>>>
  8. ChunkyButt200

    Warranty Service Message

    I actually had to throw out a bad USB cable today because it threw up "warranty service" on every single DNA 200/250 i own. Kinda suckz because it is (was) a good quality 18awg charge only cable. Somewhere either in the cable itself or the connectors there's an intermittent short.
  9. I always wanted an ePetite or even a Coral. I'm a sucker for anything small sized and feature packed. Good luck with your repair, be sure to post back on how things are going.
  10. Welcome to the forum @Muchis. I do know LV uses their own proprietary daughter charging board. If i had to guess, since it's almost impossible to diagnose issues like these over the net, i would say there is some cross-talk between the batt+ pinout and USB V detect pinout. Juice, stray solder balls and any metallic swarf on the charging board or on the DNA 60 board pinout can cause this. Unfortunately, the mod is going to have to be opened up to find out exactly what's going on. Are you in the US? You can open a help ticket with Evolv.
  11. Very strange @Conanthewarrior. For 4 DNA 200 mods to fail at exactly the same time is more than coincidence. If all 4 were working fine before this event there has a to be a common element; I doubt you're that unlucky. IIRC, don't you like taking the mods apart and tinkering around with the internals? swapping boards and rewiring them? Only thing i can think of is you tried something on the first mod, it didn't go well, and you kept trying it until you ran out of DNA mods. Honestly, that's the only scenario i can think of. Throw up some DM screenshots of all 4 mods trying to fire with all of the battery boxes ticked and the atty you were trying to use at the time of death and maybe we'll see commonality between the 4 mods, otherwise it's "ticket" time.
  12. ChunkyButt200

    Power bank functionality

    @conradisrugged The iphone, regardless of iteration, cannot stay in an "off" state when trying to charge. As soon as a lightning connector is inserted an iPhone will automatically boot if the phone senses incoming voltage. You have to turn off the phone while it is actively charging to keep it in the off state. @Guy Nicolson The Iphone requires certain components located in the USB supply, mainly current set/negotiation resistors in the charger. These components are non existent on the 250C. If the iPhone's proprietary charging circuitry does not see these components it will NOT charge. There is actually data communication between an iPhone and the charger; charge current negotiation. Most after market USB wall warts and USB charging hubs have the necessary components in place to accommodate an iPhone. An Android based phone does not require this protocol. YAY! good job Apple........ (Apple being the special little snowflake) Don't feel bad, i too use an iPhone and my 250C will not charge the phone.
  13. ChunkyButt200

    Battery readings

    What cells are you using? Brand, mAh........ If you're using true 2500 mAh cells, try using a different number (lower) for your watt hour input in EScribe. Try 26 wh's. Calculated is never real world use. Next best thing is to run Battery Analyzer and get the specific curve for the cells you're using. If you let the mod sit for a while (15-20min) with the freshly charged cells, does the percentage read correctly? Sometimes the wh estimate (%) needs to readjust after new cells are put it inside. After all the % is an estimate and not an actual measured field; compared to against other readings.
  14. ChunkyButt200

    Replay with RDAs

    Just like TC, when in Replay if the wicking starts to dry out, the power will decrease as needed. I like Replay for it's simplicity but TC will always be my home.
  15. ChunkyButt200

    TC Mod unstable temp

    This sounds like a very unstable base resistance. What does Atomizer Analyzer, in ESCribe, say with the siren at room temp? are the ohms all over the place? The Nano used the board mount screws as the GND to 510, this method can result in unstable ohms. If the ohms start high then slowly fall with refinement, by a large amount, that means connection issues somewhere. You need to find the poor connection issues, whether it be the 510 needs cleaning the board mounting screws need tightening. Iso Alcohol 99% is what i use to clean my 510's out.