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  1. I don't think the DNA 60 would survive a "boost" feature. The board nearly blows it's guts out trying maintain 60w for more than 5 secs. It's such a tiny board with an inability to expel the heat generated at higher wattages. the heat builds up very quickly, angering the 0201 sized smd ntc tucked between those two inductors, triggering the "too hot" message. It's a great board, just not the right board if you want run your .1 ohm "Triple Dragon Scale Fused Magnetron" coils on. I would agree the OG 75 would do well with a boost, as long as you're within the 6.2v range. The 200 and 250, naw. There's enough "boost" from the, already, twin turbo'd dual buck circuitry that currently exists on those two pcb's. 200/250 watts is enough to get your coils pumping out vapor, fast. IMO Besides, i hear Evolv is incorporating the "A11 Boinic" and "Coil Face ID" in it's next iteration of boards. The board will visually recognize the atty and it's resistance by you merely holding it up to the screen. magic!
  2. @Dna only try and re-flash the firmware. could be a glitch in the matrix.
  3. yes you can use thermal paste on the inductors and it will be absolutely fine if they touch the inside casing of the mod. there is no electrical connection between the inductor's casing and the board.
  4. it's normal to up the temp after refinement has done it's thing. (before refinement) just think of it as......when you initially screw on your atty and you set your temp limit to "370F", you're more than likely 50F - 80F (estimating) above 370F. after refinement (now a more accurate, lower base resistance), you're actually vaping at 370F, which is too cool of a vape for you. upping your temp after refinement does negate the point of having any board with refinement. the board is working exactly as it was designed. temp control on these boards, in terms of accuracy and repeatability is the cat's pajamas.
  5. is this the Hcigar mod that can be ran from either 2 or 3 cells? can you run a quick test for me? with it in 3 cell mode (3 cells installed), go into EScribe, under the "mod" tab in the "battery" section you'll see "type" select "power supply" and upload to your mod. see if your mod fires an atomizer normally. if it DOES fire, this means your analog front is bad (board is dead, basically). DO NOT think this is a fix or workaround. this is just a quick temporary way to see what's broken. running the mod in "power supply" mode, with a battery, offers 0 battery protection / safety. another cause, albeit a slim one, could be a poor balance tap wire connection from sled to board. either way, contact whoever you purchased the mod from and inquire about a refund / return. last option, if the vendor and HCigar fails you, is to contact Evolv via a "help ticket" from their website.
  6. If they simply replace the existing ones with the same style, my guess is you'll have the same results, maybe not immediately but down the road, taking cells in and out from the mod. More robust contacts are what's needed. Who knows, maybe they have a fix / workaround I'm not aware of.
  7. either your cells are garbage or you have poor connection somewhere between the cells and the board. since those cells work fine in your Therion, that leaves only the battery contacts. Those contacts Boxer uses are less than stellar.
  8. i agree with @Lowbytes. this would most likely not be the cause. OUT+ to GND = 14.xx k ohms OUT+ to BATT+ =6.xx meg ohms >>>>> not a direct short.
  9. try any of these avenues?........ Tel:86-0755-27345167 Mobile:+86 15919973387 Fax:86-0755-27345050 Email: (After-Service Support) Address:2rd Floor, No. 17 Building, Hualun Technological Park, Phoenix Xingye 1 Road, Fuyong Street, Baoan District,Country/Region:China (Mainland)Province/State:GuangdongCity:Shenzhen is there a possibility the positive domed portion on the top 26650 was crushed into the cell itself creating a short, whether do to a poorly designed cell or the threaded battery cap being tightened too much? is the positive contact inside the mod spring loaded or static? the cell that vented on you, what does the top of it look like (if there is anything left of it)? can you post some high resolution pics?
  10. @Brent Lavinewhat type of burl wood is that? maple? it gorgeous.
  11. firstly, i do hope you are not seriously hurt. i don't own this mod, so i can't comment on the safety of using 26650 cells inside of it (IMO,i think 26650's are just not designed / up to the task for our vaping needs). this could be a design flaw in the vt75c or this could be a poorly designed, poorly performing 26650 cell. there's not enough information from the OP. best bet is to contact hcigar explain your situation and include all the pics and any info you have included in this post. one thing to add, cells that violently vent like that are usually the off-brand re-wraps, with older cell chemistry, with questionable origins. i would stay away from "Fogstar" anything from now on. the brand name alone makes me super cringey.
  12. you want the analog front end IC? this is the IC - - bq76925 VQFN (24) 6.50 mm × 4.40 mm mouser or digikey will most likely have them in stock...... you will need a hot air station to replace and SMD rework experience, not easy to reflow without proper heat shielding protecting other nearby board components from burning/melting FYI. why not just RMA the board to Evolv for replacement @Romantic?
  13. the board itself has reverse polarity protection BUT not all mods have reverse cell protection (one cell input the opposite the other) built into the sled contacts. there is a difference between reverse polarity protection and reverse cell protection when dealing with dual cell parallel setups. if you accidentally put the one cell in opposite the other, creating a series circuit, it will be a series SHORT circuit (if the mod manufacturer did not implement protection against it) possibly venting one or both of the cells .
  14. So here's my go at a DNA 60 small screen. (this was kind of a pain to do but doable. the DNA 60's 2 inductors are taller than the DNA 40's single one and with the DNA 60's addition of EScribe/data lines puts the "aggravation cherry" on top!) Got myself a Vaporflask DNA 40, a while back, from the ECF classifieds at great price. I knew the DNA 60 small screen was eventually going to come out so i figured this would be a great housing for the new board. This flask still uses the 500mA charger board that came with it originally. The charging/data board that comes with the DNA 60 is way to big to retrofit inside the flask. So I "windshield wipered" all of the charging components off of the board, with a soldering iron, except the micro USB port. I soldered tiny enamel coated wires from the back of the micro USB pinout for the data lines and thicker enamel wires for USB +5v ~ -5v. Parts...... Vaporflask DNA 40 DNA 60 SS Separate 2 amp lithium ion charger enamel wire (found from most any circuit board choke, transformer, speaker, etc) 10k resistor (also very common on most any PCB)
  15. i had a hard time finding this FW. it doesn't say anything about "small screen" in the actual SP file. even when connected to EScribe using the small screen option on the connect and download page, it had the LG screen FW. i had to just guess with the 3 SP's it listed, eventually i found it on the last try.