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    I own oni167 , bout to buy Therion

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  1. Hi there, can u help me with check battery issue ? It's so random , mod did'nt fall . It's just random issue

  2. same thing with my oni167 .I was using this mod bout 10hours ,and now the screen shows other items . For the first time when i bought it there was on the screen ohms ,voltage and then Amps . But now show's 0.00ohms , 450F , and last one's that supposted to show amps show's HOT. If I pressing fire button for 1sec its just shows EVOLV DNA250 and the screen turns off . But when I hold fire button for 5 or 10 secs for the screen to come up and literally the battery gauge on it is empty and it's says CHECK BATTERY. Brand new mod and brand new batteries. Those batteries works perfectly on othe
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