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  1. Hoggy

    Dubious coils

    Ah yep... Loading up a generic 250C, doing the clicky dance brought up 3 options: viable, dubious, and unlikely. Well, my Paranormal 250C is now on the slow boat, so soon I shall continue to play with my odd coils. Mad scientist time! =) Does Evolv know if there is any chance this will be put in the 75C firmware? Or does something hardware-wise prevent it?
  2. Hoggy

    Dubious coils

    Hi, I keep reading about enabling developer mode to present an option for dubious coils... But clicking many times on 'that spot' does nothing to present that option. Am I doing something wrong, or has it been removed?
  3. Hoggy

    dead screen? gone all white

    ...Sheesh... How hard are you on your poor devices?!?
  4. I was looking at that the other day, and was wondering if it could be used for this. Good to know. I already ordered one of the fancy ones. I was going to get 2 in case I lose one, but that price. So I guess I'll do the next best thing - get 1 of the fancy ones, and get one of the FT ones on my next order from them. Gotta love FT!
  5. Yep.. I actually just junked all my ancient stuff a couple weeks ago. But more importantly is that I HATE dealing with solder.. We don't really get along too well. I can fumble my way around in a pinch, but if there's a way I can avoid it...
  6. Hi, does anybody know where to get that special-composition copper plug for determining a mod's internal resistance? All the links I've found are now dead in March 2019. Many thanks.
  7. Hoggy

    TC and multi material wires

    I know this is old, but I wanted to post this for future searchers.. I've always found on any TC mod, DNA75/75C included, that the tcr is mostly determined by the lowest resistance wire. I do multi-core wires all the time and that has been my experience here. So yes, using SS 316 (for example) and kanthal in parallel for the core wires will work under the TCR settings on various mods, as SS 316. Since the same-gauge kanthal wire's resistance is greater than that of the SS 316. I do this 100% of the time when I use Ni-200 wire for the TC element.
    I tried many themes, and even learned about Theme Designer with one, before finally finding this gem. I instantly fell in love because it contains everything, is beautifully colored and mostly easy to read. I settled on the 'easy colors' version for my aging eyes. Of course I altered several things in there to make it easier for me to use and read - like changing the color of the status line to white (although thinking of green or yellow to keep it colorful). Many thanks for making this as complete as possible, and therefor for providing excellent examples of how I can utilize Theme Designer! Is it just me, or does anyone else swear this theme makes it look like just a colorful sticker was slapped on there?? =)
  8. Thanks. So what does enabling it when you don't have a puff saved do? Or especially when you've never even saved a puff yet?
  9. Just wondering if there is... All I find is some dated supremely-skimpy material in a pdf, with little to no explanation for many of the features. And of course ZERO for any newer features added. It's as if one needs a degree in cryptography to understand any of the cryptic settings. Take, for instance, a cryptic checkbox for "Puff saved, playing". WTF is that even supposed to mean, for god sakes???? No popup bubble to even give a tiny hint. <sigh> Sorry, I'm just getting SOOO very incredibly sick of having to wade through thousands upon thousands of posts on many different forums to even get a scrap of a CLUE as to what some of the friggin things are supposed to do, let alone in-depth information or descriptions. Can the so-called 'manual' ever be updated one of these decades? Not even talking about the tutorials, which would take more time to redo - just some more information in what is quite ironically termed the "Escribe Manual". <long sigh> ...There... 🤐😁