Clean Colors (75C/250C w/Replay - Many colors available) v2.4

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About This File

Note: The lightning bolt on the battery is only visible while charging.

  • Replay ready! (with temp control and wattage modes available too) - See below if you are having trouble with Replay
  • Main menu is on the top right
  • You can hide data on main screen in Main Screen menu (resistance, voltage, etc)
  • You can hide date/time from Lock screen in Time Config page (also can choose MM/DD or DD/MM date format)
  • There is now a ONE WATT version for those who want one-watt increments on the main screen (regular version is 5-watt increments). Now available in BLUE, BLACK, GREEN, and RED
    • see downloads page: Clean-Color--ONE-WATT-#_#.ecigtheme
  • A LOT of other stuff.. check it out!'

If you have requests for new colors, or other customization, let me know in the comments section and I can usually whip something up pretty quickly. 


Replay infoThis theme works with Replay for 75c devices (250c devices work with Replay by default). BUT you need to have the International Edition of EScribe 2.0 SP15.1 or later. Your 75c needs to have the right firmware as well (at least 1.1 SP33.2 -  that one works for me), once you update ESscribe and connect your device it should prompt you to update firmware. You also MUST enable Replay in your EScribe profile for it to work.

Using replay: once the above has been completed, load this theme and switch to a replay-enabled profile. There should be a "NO REPLAY" button seen on the main screen. This means there aren't yet any puffs to save. So take a few puffs, until you find one you like. Then the button should change to "SAVE," and you can click that to save that latest puff. Once Saved, the button changes to "PLAYING" and you are in Replay mode. Click that if you want to end Replay. 

If you are having trouble, check the Replay menu because it gives you more info: 

  • Replay Available (if theme/coil supports Replay [read-only])
  • Replay Ready (Replay is ready to be activated [read-only])
  • Replay Active (you can toggle this switch to save your last puff and activate Replay). 
  • You also cannot use a plain kanthal coil for Replay. You can use any temp sensing wire, including combinations (e.g. SS wrapped with kanthal). 


If anyone has suggestions, improvements, bugs, or anything else, please reach out in the comments below and/or leave a review. New update coming soon!! Thanks!

Here are the available color options. Let me know if you have requests for others:


What's New in Version v2.4   See changelog


Changelog v2.4.1:

  • Fixed ONE WATT versions.. they were not doing one watt increments in replay mode. That's fixed now. 


Changelog v2.4:

  • Fixed LED indicator: blue when firing, red while charging, green when full battery (with a pulsing effect)
  • Added option to change date format on main screen (either MM/DD or DD/MM, see Time Config menu)


Changelog v2.3:

  • Fixed main screen:
    • temp changes to voltage when in watt mode
    • small voltage changes to puff count when in watt mode (so voltage isn't displayed twice)
  • other minor tweaks/fixes


Changelog v2.2:

  • Fixed some items on the main screen what weren't positioned perfectly
  • Changed highlight/selection colors slightly for better readability
  • Added new ONE WATT version colors: now available in Blue, Green, Black, and Red


Changelog v2.1.2:

  • Added a ONE WATT version for those who want one-watt increments on the main screen. Wasn't sure if you all also wanted one degree increments on the temp, but that didn't seem useful so I kept that at 5. Note the it's currently only the blue theme that has the one watt version, but if you have requests for other colors, let me know.


Changelog v2.1.1:

  • Added Pride color scheme upon request


Changelog v2.1:

  • Updated battery icons to more easily tell capacity
  • Updated Replay icons so they are colorless (works for any background color), and now it goes > NO REPLAY (not available) > SAVE (ready to save puff) > PLAYING (Replay active)
  • Updated battery icons to show if you are charging or low battery (<25% = red, lightning bolt icon during charging)
  • Display page split into Display Settings and Main Screen Config pages
  • Puff counter is visible on main screen when in wattage mode (this can be hidden in Main Screen Config page)
  • Screens rearranged to be more cohesive and consistent
  • Items moved away from very edge of screen when possible to improve visibility
  • Added Mod Info screen that shows info specific to the device (battery pack volt, atty volt and current, mod/ambient temp)
  • Battery percent no longer changes color (so it fits in with other wallpapers, e.g. red or green)
    • the battery icon changes for charging or low battery
  • Added more colors (see screenshots or download page)


Changelog v2.0:

  • The theme is now called "Clean Colors" and offers many different color options
  • Also made a bunch of visual and usability improvements
  • Just added "Abstract Blue and Green" color option (which is technically v2.1, or more like v2.0.5.. more improvements to come for the actual v2.1)


Changelog v1.9:

  • fixed About screen thanks to @s3r
  • other minor stuff (there's now a Creative Commons license on the credits page.. if you want to use it for commercial use, just reach out to me)

Updated PLAINTEXT version too with the same. 


Changelog v1.8:

  • changed text color scheme slightly for readability (no more orange) 
  • changed selection highlighting for for better visibility
  • rearranged main screen a bit (battery percent and resistance are now larger and above voltage and current, since they are generally more useful)
  • fixed battery icon not turning red when charge was low
  • adjusted back button AGAIN to make it more visible when selected
  • changed battery icons to switch to red at 25% instead of 20% (keep your batteries healthy long term- charge them before they get too low!)
  • updated toggle switches and sliders so they are move visible when selected
  • adjusted Replay button on main screen to be more visible/easier to use, and I think it just looks better

Same changes for PLAINTEXT version. 


Changelog v1.7:

  • updated icons for better visibility (new sweet toggle switches, new battery/menu icons, back buttons, etc.)
    • edited a lot of them down to the pixel level to get rid of anti-aliasing
    • the checkboxes are now slider toggle type switches
  • added second version of the theme with simpler fonts by request (the "plaintext" version - also might be more legible if you are having trouble reading the main theme)
  • tweaked highlighting of selected objects for better visibility
  • adjusted organization of main screen to clean it up a bit (also to have more room to show profile names, though I recommend to keep profile names short- less than 15 characters or so if possible)
  • other minor tweaks and fixes


Changelog v1.6:

  • Changed settings for stats on main page. Now in the Display menu you can select to HIDE them (rather than select to SHOW them as it was previously). This is mainly so the screenshots are more accurate. If the stats are not displaying on the main page (current, voltage, resistance, battery percentage), check the settings in the Display menu.


Changelog v1.5:

  • FINALLY fixed the reset issue. Stats on "Current Stats" screen can be reset, and stats on "Total stats" screen cannot. This is by Evolv's design, it's not up to me. This one's for Ronbon172!!! Thanks for your patience :thumb:


Changelog v1.4:

  • changed wallpaper gradient slightly (let me know if you all have suggestions for improvements here)
  • adjusted Battery info page to remove Power bank settings for devices that don't support it (75c)
  • renamed Puff Stats screen to Total Stats
  • added Current Stats screen. These are the stats that you can reset. So the Total Stats screen will always have total numbers since you bought the device, and CANNOT be reset
  • changed color of selected items to more clearly indicate selection
  • changed back button, and now back button (almost) always takes you back to main screen (I found that more useful, since when I'm done in a sub-menu I generally want to go back to the main screen)
  • added Replay status and Save Puff button to home screen (no menu-diving required for Replay anymore)
  • Main screen shows when replay is available with the check box (enabled for current profile, Replay-compatible coil), then when you have a puff that you can save the the SAVE button appears and you can press that to save puff. CANCEL will turn it off
  • changed Replay screen to show Replay Available (based on coil/profile), Replay Ready (Replay is ready to be activated), and Replay Active (puff saved); still warmth adjustable
  • added atomizer voltage to main screen
  • added options to Display menu if you want a cleaner look on the main screen (can show/hide items from main screen: voltage, current, battery percent, resistance)
  • added option to show/hide date and time on lock screen- see Time menu (since time/date resets every time I change my battery, I find it useless)
  • adjusted New Coil screen so it shows both new resistance and old resistance
  • my logo on the About screen fills up according to room temperature.. acts as sort of a thermometer :) (actually this is not working yet.. I don't know if you can use temperature with the gauges, I'm working on it)
  • Removed option to select battery icon on main screen to take you to battery page, removed option to select resistance on main screen to take you to Coil Info page (let me know if you guys want this rolled back, I didn't find it very useful since those screens can be reached from the menu
  • other minor tweaks and fixes


Changelog v1.3.1:

  • Forgot to include Preheat settings page in main menu. It's now added. 


Changelog v1.3:

  • Replay mode added! You must enable replay in your EScribe profile for it to work
  • "Replay ON" message is displayed on main screen when it Replay is on and in use
  • Replay mode screen: status, view/change profile, notification if replay is available, enable replay, adjust warmth
  • Added Battery Info page that supports battery pack info (and live data): up to 4 cell voltages (some are hidden if your mod has less than 4 cells), live battery and atomizer voltage, live battery and atomizer current, power bank mode enable, power bank status
  • Added dedicated Display Settings screen: brightness, stealth
  • Main screan rearranged so the most useful data is on top (easy navigation between temp > power > menu)
  • Changed main menu to display profile, so you can change profile from there instead of having to go through menu
  • I added a status field on the main screen so you can view error messages there
  • Mod info screen (renamed Live Info) now with more data: live ohms, live voltage, live current, live coil temp, etc.
  • Battery percent and icons turn green during charging, and red when charge level is under 20% (normally blue/white)
  • Battery percent size increased on main screan for readability
  • Back buttons made a bit smaller
  • Back button from settings pages now go back to main screen (instead of main menu) (back button from info screens still goes back to info menu)
  • Selecting battery icon on main screen takes you to Battery Info page
  • Selecting resistance reading on main screen takes you to Coil Info page
  • If Replay is on, selecting "Replay On" button on main screen takes you to Replay settings page
  • All icons/gauges changed to blue color scheme
  • Made all menu lists round robin enabled
  • Minor tweaks and fixes

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👍 OK.. there it is - I never changed it in this theme, so it must be somewhere deep in Escribe saved from previous tests...

Thanks a lot ;) 

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8 hours ago, lufc74 said:

Quiet here:cool: My first post. Just had to say that I love this theme - many thanks.

Thanks! I haven't made many updates in a while since I'm pretty happy with the theme as it is. But I'm always open to suggestions/requests. Enjoy!

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I'm glad to see that there are regular updates for this theme. In addition to the appearance, the information displayed is just right for me.
Since version 2.4, however, a mistake has crept in: In replay mode, the puff counter is displayed continuously, the display of the volts is unfortunately missing.

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@photobix It might be a firmware issue or something else. Are you up to date in EScribe and with your mod? I'm testing now and it works perfectly for me on version 1.1 SP33 INT (for the 75c) and 1.1 SP35 INT (for the 250c). You can check the firmware in the About page in the theme. Also what kind of coil are you using?

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Hi, thank you for taking care of this.
Both EScripe and the firmware on the mod are currently 1.1SP35 (DNS250C).
I've tried your file (v2.5), shows under the Replay mode continue the puffcounter


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Hey, good morning, this test version is working! Yay! (The blue one is the color of my choice.

I'm using a standard SS316L wire (round) in the Smokerstore GT IV. Replay is running fine and smooth.

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Just wanted to check in for those of you using this theme. I still use it daily on my (now 3) DNA250c/75c devices and it's been working great for me, so I haven't been making regular updates. But if anyone has feature requests or bugs, please post them here and I'll address them ASAP! Thanks!

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