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  1. Replay works with TC different way... you dont need to set it... or use TC without Replay.
  2. 👍 OK.. there it is - I never changed it in this theme, so it must be somewhere deep in Escribe saved from previous tests... Thanks a lot
  3. Hi, niandra3 - great theme... I love it, but still I have some issue at my Mirage - there is no ohm visible on screen. At Therion it is OK. I tried different colors and older versions, but still the same Any sugestion how to fix it? Thanx
  4. Korwin

    Replay field is blank

    Try to compare these pictures - depending on selected Temp-sensing check box You can see different possibility at Profile table - with or without Temperature box under Power settings box... Also compare curves for Nickel200 a Watts under Temp-sensing checkbox... there is no difference
  5. Korwin

    Replay field is blank

    I tried the wattage material for Replay profile, it looks like Replay works but at higher power does not work TC, i got dryhits ... if i confirm Temp-sensitiv material u Wattage material table, it turns on curve for Nickel200, so for SS wires probably unusable...
  6. Korwin

    Replay field is blank

    Kanthal works only as a part of multi-wire coils, where other wire/wires are temp sensitive.
  7. Korwin

    Replay field is blank

    ... also check, if you REALY have temp sensitive coil instaled - try different wire...
  8. Korwin

    Replay field is blank

    Yes, but evry puff you try is different , before You save it...
  9. Korwin

    Replay field is blank

    BTW: is there a closed cycle of combinations that repeat over time, or the combination is always random - to know that maybe after 20 puffs I do not need to retest and adjust the watts for a new tuning?
  10. Korwin

    Replay field is blank

    Befor you fire first time, field is blank...