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I have a SqEvo, that I'm looing to repair, and I'm wondering if the wire used in it's original construction is appropriate.

It appears to be 18 gauge solid core enameled wire.

The mod in question has 10.8 hours on it according to EScribe and I suspect friction of the battery positive wire rubbing against the 510 while the button was being pressed, is the cause for the enamel being burnt off the wire.

Originally I was going to just desolder the Battery positive and put heat shrink over it, but then I started questioning the gauge of the wire used on the 510 + and the board ground. 

Is 18 gauge solid core wire adequate for a DNA 60 positive 510 and the ground connection? 

I've been looking through the Evolv datasheets and I'm left wondering, Did Evolv under or over spec the Wire for the DNA 60, DNA 75, DNA 200, and or the DNA 250, as they all have the same Specs? 

I'm not an electrical engineer, so any insight you can offer would be appreciated. 





2021-08-25 20_26_54-dna60.pdf - Foxit Reader.png

DNA 60 Recommended wire sizes.png

DNA 75 Recommended wire sizes.png

DNA 200 Recommended wire sizes.png

DNA 250 Recommended wire sizes.png

White SqEvo 2021-08-27 09_55_26-Window.png

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Update: I did get a response back from Evolv's technical support. They said that 18 gauge is sufficient for the output and ground at 60 watts. But never responded to my question about the DNA 60, 75, 200, and 250 all using the same wire specs.

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