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DNA250c Ohms too low / not reading ohms


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Hi,  Im new to this forum but not to vaping, (4years) so I  just purchased a Paranormal DNA250c and the first 2 days were fine with my Blotto RTA built with SS316L duel 7 wrap 2.5ID, reading .28 on ohms reader and other mods.

But now for some reason the mod won't read the ohms on the atty, I have gone into escribe and looked at (Atomiser), - no ohms and won't fire, but if i unscrew the atty a few turns the ohms pop up, 

Obviously I can't vape an atty thats wobbling around.

Please any ideas whats going on?



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Yeah, I've tried my smok prince tank and kylin both of the attys  show no ohms, but work on other mods, my RDA's work though.

Ive got a quick fix at the moment of putting a heat shield I took from my Aura RDA and screwing it on the bottom of the blotto, it now reads it fine.

But im still not happy, brand new, it should be reading sub ohm tanks without the fuss.


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Not having things in my hand, this is only a guess.  From what you're describing I'd say the 510 on your mod is the culprit.  If you can, make sure the center pin of the 510 on the mod has some free travel and isn't sticking "down" or otherwise too far down in the connector.

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Thanks for replying, Yes you are right it does seem like 510 is too low, it has a tiny bit of bounce when pushing on it with screwdriver, but it won't come up anymore.

Do i know have to perform surgery on this new mod, to see whats happening, any other people have this problem?


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