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So when you said 

”If I wanted a TCR of 300, what would I put in that box? Just confused on the conversion”

DW said 0.003, and that’s the same as 0.00300. Following that, a lower value of 98 would be 0.00098

 The TCR of a material has nothing to do with hotter or colder. It merely states how much a material heats up. The 98 would heat up slower. (All things being equal)

 See that 500F you wrote, that’s the hotter or colder part. 

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On 12/23/2019 at 6:57 AM, Dirone said:

If I wanted a TCR of 300, what would I put in that box? Just confused on the conversion. I have a quartz quest and looking to set a profile for the below:

TCR 300

49 Watts

500 F

Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

I began running quartz heating elements with a ceramic bucket on my GeekVape Aegis Legend 2. I began with my TCR set very low as that mod will blow a coil without warning if set wrong, which made it more exciting in my opinion. I settled on TCR mode, T 1150, with my temp set to 178C and watts at 22.5. I didn't really know what I was doing and I'm still learning but those settings seemed to work for me and those vaping it with me. I would always start with my temp down at 142C and work my way up until I received the results I was looking for and 172C - 178C was where I usually ended up. Any higher required manually pulsing the trigger. VW mode also worked well. The manufacturer's recommended 25w - 40w was too high and I only went to 25w once. never again. my watts stayed between 16w - 23w. Which was my starting point for searching for a good TCR value.I always figured that any value that required pulsing the trigger was too high. I should be able to hand my mod to a perfect newbie without concerns that they will hold the trigger down too long and burn it. I have yet to try my new laser thermometer on my Aegis or my Z100C to verify the temp settings. This is where the the difference between the heating element temp and the actual temp in the bucket will be discovered.

I am looking for any and all available resources related to vaping with quartz heating elements and ceramic or fused quartz glass buckets. I thank you in advance if you can point me towards anything useful.

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