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  1. ParaVapor


    Sorry this isn't exactly about dna's, but, I've been having a problem with my Drop RDA on my Paranormal 250c. When I put a coil in, and tighten the grubs, the legs always seem to push to the side, and wedge in the corner, which ends up with a bad connection, which puts the mod into temp protect. Any suggestions on how to keep the legs centered, before I start looking for clamp style RDAs?
  2. ParaVapor

    CSV file

    Can anyone help me with a CSV file for Hohm Life batteries? Would greatly be appreciated.
  3. ParaVapor

    Dna 250c and Drop RDA

    Thanks guys. I figured it out. I apparently didn't change the tcr setting on escribe. It was at the default .006. I thought I did, but apparently only on my other profiles. I set it to .00092, and getting really good flavor now.
  4. ParaVapor

    Temp control

    Can anyone give me a guideline for temp control. Like how high or low do you go above your normal watts and temp for your preheat?
  5. ParaVapor

    Dna 250c and Drop RDA

    Can anyone help me out. I can't seem to get decent flavor out of my Drop RDA on my Paranormal 250c. My Mesh Pro gives me amazing flavor though. I am building with SS316L, quad core fused Claptons, 30-40 gauge, ribbon, micro coils, at about .14 ohms. Any estimates on watts, temp, preheat watts and temp, and TCR values would be appreciated
  6. ParaVapor

    TCR Value

    Thank you!!!
  7. ParaVapor

    Paranormal 250c SS316 problems

    Thanks. I think I think I figured out that I never added the custom 316l profile. I'm about to do that, and see if that works. Thanks for all your help. The setting guidelines have helped a lot with my Mesh Pro, but still can't get my Drop dialed in. Hopefully the custom profile will help.
  8. ParaVapor

    TCR Value

    Where do I find the setting to adjust the TCR value on Escribe, or on my mod. Lost Vape Paranormal 250c.
  9. ParaVapor

    Paranormal 250c SS316 problems

    I tried your settings, was a little too hot for my build, but it was better. I lowered everything a few watts and degrees, and it's performing much better. does your mod say .042 ohms? And may I ask what theme you are using. I really like that!
  10. ParaVapor

    Paranormal 250c SS316 problems

    I have it built to .12 ohms, and right now, running 40 watts at 475, with a 525 preheat at 125 watt preheat, with punch at 3 or 4. I'm just getting dry, muted flavor now, when I was running it at like 30-35 watts before, at about 370-390.
  11. I just started having problems with my 250c in SS profile. It works fine with my Mesh Pro RDA, but as soon as I put my Drop on it with quad core fused clapton coils, it won't fire above 25 watts or so, according to device monitor. It did work before, then I bought my mesh rda, and been using that for a few weeks, then went back to the Drop, and it all of a sudden isn't working.