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    Temp Sensing Material

    What does this do? I keep locking my ohms but every now and then it asks me if I installed a new coil. Will disabling this stop that? Also, would I lose anything if I disabled? happy holidays!
  2. I have the latest EScribe and flashed my mods last night with whatever the auto updater put on my devices. Just don't remember the service pack.
  3. I am not to sure what firmware I am on to be honest. I think the stock on the drone doesn't have that info. I am hoping this fixes when I get home. I also have a feeling it could be my coil. My coil that usually reads .48-.51 is reading like .60 .70. So hopefully between switching my coil and making sure I am on this software, hopefully should alleviate this issue. I stocked up on these Drones because Strikes USA are blowing them out cheap. Could be a QC issue haha. Is this link like the whole suite or is it just a service pack?
  4. Has this stood up to the test of time? Just got a Drone and having this issue. Please advise
  5. Having some issues with getting a temp protect error and my ohms reading high. I see in the latest service pack on the early release thread has a fix for this error. Has anyone updated that has had this issue and is now fixed after installing?
  6. Dirone

    TCR Value

    Thank you for the quick reply. What about if I want to bring the TCR down lower to two digit numbers? Say 98? Also, does the lower TCR mean a hotter temperature? Still trying to understand the TCR.
  7. Dirone

    TCR Value

    If I wanted a TCR of 300, what would I put in that box? Just confused on the conversion. I have a quartz quest and looking to set a profile for the below: TCR 300 49 Watts 500 F Any help would be greatly appreciated!