Let's See your DNA 60's!

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So here's my go at a DNA 60 small screen. (this was kind of a pain to do but doable. the DNA 60's 2 inductors are taller than the DNA 40's single one and with the DNA 60's addition of EScribe/data lines puts the "aggravation cherry" on top!)

Got myself a Vaporflask DNA 40, a while back, from the ECF classifieds at great price. I knew the DNA 60 small screen was eventually going to come out so i figured this would be a great housing for the new board. This flask still uses the 500mA charger board that came with it originally. The charging/data board that comes with the DNA 60 is way to big to retrofit inside the flask. So I "windshield wipered" all of the charging components off of the board, with a soldering iron, except the micro USB port. I soldered tiny enamel coated wires from the back of the micro USB pinout for the data lines and thicker enamel wires for USB +5v ~ -5v. 


Vaporflask DNA 40


Separate 2 amp lithium ion charger

enamel wire (found from most any circuit board choke, transformer, speaker, etc) 10k resistor (also very common on most any PCB)


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This will becom a single battery squonker in the near future. Just trying to decide which 510 I want. Probably going modmaker 16mm with 18mm flat washer

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