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  1. John la

    Let's See your DNA 60's!

    Who remembers hana modz
  2. John la

    Vapeboy 3000

    Great job I love this theme
  3. John la

    Let's see your 250's!

    I want that hana v4
  4. John la

    DNA 75c 20700 problems?

    My new DNA 75c that i just finished building with dual sayno 20700b will not charge over 4.16v it keeps turning off the charging at 4.1657v so I decided to try the battery test for the first time and it said waiting to fully charge then started right away im guessing this is fine and that the two battery is just not that great? O and soft cell cutoff is 2.75 that's fine right? Have not used 20700 before
  5. John la

    Let's see your 75's!

    dwcraig1 what was the deal? I liked these but thought they were just a bit to much cash
  6. John la

    Let's See your DNA 60's!

    DNA 60 in a alpinetech p box a pain in the butt
  7. John la

    Let's see your 75's!

    DNA 75 in a g+ alpinetech box way way better then the p can only see the effect in the right light other wise it looks almost black.
  8. John la

    Show your DNA 60

    I don't see anybody building DNA 60s. I dont know why there great. Well here is mine 1550p DNA 60 Jimmy rigged a bit
  9. John la

    need advise on an enclosure

    I shop for here all the time great store I like the g boxes best but I would say 26mm atty is it limit
  10. John la

    TC setup and best build for SS ****HELP****

    I build all my own coils it's alot cheaper then ordering online especially when you want those fancy ones
  11. John la

    TC setup and best build for SS ****HELP****

    I usually vape around .08 to .2 ohms with ss. Right now dual aliens in a petri 24mm rta and it came out to .10 ohms 28/36 gauge kidney puncher wire at about 420 f. best pic It would let me up load
  12. John la

    DNA 60 Wiring Help

    I'm about to start wiring mine up and I too can't get the wire to fit in there and I have a tone of turnigys fancy looking colour wire. 14 gauge no way 16 gauge i can but i have to trim some strands dont know if thats a good idea not a wire expert. Im thinking about just using 18 gauge(pins 7 8 9 10)and then 24 gauge (1 2 3 4 5 6 11 12 13 14 15)for the rest . 4 different evolve boards in the pic hahaha
  13. John la

    Let's see your 200's!

    Wow those p boxes are amazing best ones I have seen and has the 510 cut out so nicee I had to do my own and that bit is not cheap. I thought my p boxes were nice god I was wrong
  14. John la

    Let's see your 200's!