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  1. steamer861

    Battery Drain

    Thanks for the response I'm fairly certain this isn't a liquid damage issue, I'v had several DNA's die from that before & it's usually via the USB, the boards are quite resilient to Liquid accept for the USB port. My BB is an older one with no USB. Like I said I had a Good Look around inside. No evidence of enough liquid to do any damage. Is there a point/s on the board were I could check with a Multi Meter to see if it was drawing at idle when it shouldn't be?
  2. steamer861

    Battery Drain

    Hi All So I have a 2017 BB (authentic No USB), have had it for quite a while now with out any issues, until recently About a week ago after not hitting the BB for a good spell I found the battery completely dead! So much so that it was toast & could not be revived I removed the front & back cover to find nothing visibly wrong, no massive juice spills or bad wires. I cleaned every thing inside with a qTip & iso & replaced the covers. I started to keep an eye on it & found it will completely drain the battery to 3.6 volts in a few days with out hitting it at all! So it's obvious to me that some thing has gone wrong. My question is if I open it & hook up a usb to it & it to E-Scribe is there any thing I could look for in Device Monitor to give a hint at what could have went wrong? Or is there some other way to check for a battery drain? maybe with a multi meter? I do have a spare 60 & could replace it if need be, But I'd like that to be my last option.
  3. steamer861

    Let's See your DNA 60's!

    I upgraded these old Hana box's. I found a 3D printed sled at Shapeways & fitted the box with a 20700! It fit perfect with no mods to the case at all! Battery life is great with the Sanyo B I wanted to upgrade the door from screws to magnets, but never got around to it
  4. steamer861

    Dual ijoy (4 leg) 20700 csv

    I'm also interested in the CSV file for dual 20700 Ijoy's. Anyone?
  5. steamer861

    dead screen? gone all white

    This is a known issue! I'v had several go white. If you do a Hard Reboot in E-Scribe it should come back, temporarily. Unlike the old days were if the bend in the ribbon wasn't just rite, the screen could malfunction, the colour screen mods mostly have nice screen cradles that keep every thing in place nicely
  6. steamer861

    Mac Suppport

    Works Again Thank You Sir
  7. steamer861

    Mac Suppport

    I just updated to Mojave 10.14 & E-Scribe does not work any more :( Is there an update coming?
  8. steamer861

    White Screen!

    It is unfortunate that we are having these screen issues I do sympathize with Evolv on this issue, I'm fairly certain they (Evolv) out source these screens? When there is a failure, Evolv is stuck with the repercussions Reminds me of my 1992 Sonoma, It was all ways back at the dealership being fixed under warranty, every time it was cheep "Mexican" Part that had failed
  9. steamer861

    More Screen Issues

    Is anyone having as many colour screen issues as Me? I have had 3 colour screen failures in the last few months :( I had 2 screens get the White Screen of Death & now I have some spot that is growing, it will take over the whole screen in no time :( Kind of Disappointed :(
  10. steamer861

    My DNA 250C Build.........

    For those of you's who may be looking to build a more pocket friendly sized, lipo powered 250c mod. This may be a solution for you I built this mod with a silo75c enclosure a source 510 & a FullyMax 950mAH lipo. This enclosure was intended for a 75c! So with out some internal modification a 250c will NOT! fit. The main issue is the space for the chip, as the 250c is 2mm wider. The button fitment & usb fit perfectly, once you remove the extra material for the chip to fit in place. I used a dremel, & it was a lot of work! If some one has access to a milling machine it would be a piece of cake Also note, space management gave me a choice of a better quality 510 (source) or an xt30 connector. I choose the live battery connection & the better 510. If how ever you would choose a Varitube 510, there would be adequate room for an xt30 battery connector See size comparison to a Silo 950, older dna 250, but same size battery
  11. steamer861

    White Screen!

    Well, it seems some of these screen are infact defective I'm glad spares were offered in the last group buy "better to have & not need" Even if Evolv was nice enough to replace them? shipping from Canada cost more than the screen
  12. steamer861

    White Screen!

    You may have got lucky? I wouldn't count on it! I would be expecting the inevitable TBH I can't see how a theme has any thing to do with Screen failure. My screen failure did come on in waves, at first I could Hard Reboot. That didn't last to long. I tried different theme's but they had no affect on my situation at all. Plus my white screen was white on more than one DNA 250c.
  13. steamer861

    White Screen!

    The external chip mount may not look as good with the 3 screws in the face of the mod, But would have come in handy right about now.
  14. steamer861

    White Screen!

    That makes it a bit worse Mine did exactly the same, on the bottom part of the screen. Good news is over 10 days later, My mod's new screen still working fine
  15. steamer861

    White Screen!

    Yes, the mod has been working fine for several days now. It was the screen. When I opened the mod. I was expecting, some thing obvious? A bad kink in the lead? a juice soaked screen? a loose Zif? None of that Every thing looked perfect! I guess the screen just went out.