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  1. My wife's lg g5 has a usb-c and it will turn 2 in July and gets a cord hooked to it At least 3 times a day everyday, and it shows no sign of giving out. She has worn out 1 aftermarket cord that she uses in the car and at work. But the factory cord that get used at home is still going strong. It be inclined to say the issues with the type c port is probably with yihi's supplier
  2. Evolv isnt generally known for using 5+ yr old tech and selling it to you as the latest and greatest thing since sliced bread for the next 3-5yrs. That's been the Apple business model for a long time. Although the decision to use micro usb instead of type c is really making me wonder about Evolv.
  3. An SX550J is looking more attractive all the time
  4. Amps is a live measurment
  5. I like the smaller screen, try to build a silo/reference mod with a x550j sized screen. An option for a larger screen would be nice though
  6. Then I would guess that the mod is also authentic
  7. What mod?? Did you try the manufacturer's website or are you Trying the evolv serial number checker? The serial number on the box is the mod manufacturer. The dna board has its own serial number
  8. That micro usb is a waste, they just as well have put a mini usb or a good old usb-A. USB-C is current tech, evolv is supposed to be bleeding edge
  9. Do you follow or a part of any other vape related pages?
  10. That's wierd, I applied 3 weeks ago, and she approved the next day
  11. Send a message to the evolv helpdesk. It will probably need a board replacement. The guys are super quick
  12. Send a support ticket with the board serial number. They might surprise you. A 200 or 250 board can be had for $50-$65 then 30min-1hr and swap it. If your not comfortable doing the swap, it's pretty easy to find someone that will
  13. That's exactly what it does
  14. 75c uses micro usb. But type-c has been on the 550j for like a year now
  15. Good point, make it an actual setting. Plus bi-directional power, and up to 20a charge for the big lipo batts. It should probably give you a choice within a range based on your wh from testing your battery setup, or be locked at 3-5a until you run the test