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  1. 67exec

    Custom parts for Orion

    Implemented. I made it a smidge to tight on the I'd, and it will probably have to be printed with a .2 nozzle @ .1 instead of a .4 @ .1
  2. 67exec

    Custom parts for Orion

    @ArminF Are these what you were thinking? It's printing now
  3. 67exec

    Custom parts for Orion

    I probably should try to sell these, but with a full time job, plus a small vending company, plus a family I only have limited time to design parts. I've learned to be quick and dirty on the design to fit in my time frame or I forget about it if I try to drag it out over several sessions. I suffer from A.D.D. and C.R.S. Ooh shiny, I forgot what we were doing Kremit
  4. 67exec

    Custom parts for Orion

    AFC tip O v4.step
  5. 67exec

    Custom parts for Orion

    @ArminF This is what I came up with based on your design. I narrowed it up to make it more uniform with the fill cap, and not to impede removal of the cap. Your tip is the last 2 pics
  6. 67exec

    Custom parts for Orion

    Never shipped to Europe, but with a trinket of little to no monetary value, it shouldn't cost much. I could probably ship a small box or padded mailer full for $10 or so. I do use fusion 360, I was able to download the step file that you attached
  7. 67exec

    Custom parts for Orion

    I'll try printing it out tonight. It would be a pain to adjust airflow, but I leave it wide open anyway. My long tip is 15mm tall and 10mm diameter.
  8. 67exec

    Custom parts for Orion

    Yes, the tank caps seal, I designed them to use the factory oring. As far as using the drip tip for the AFC, not something thats very easy to do because of it's design. There's knurling above the AFC that holds the drip tip on.
  9. 67exec

    Charger - Best way 2/1 Amp

    Your iPad charger is probably only charging the mod a .5amp, need to use a meter to know for sure. I know that some of my chargers definitely take longer than others, even though they are all rated between 2.1a to 3.4a. I actually have a cheapo Walmart charge pack that charges it the fastest, but the mod runs warmer than I like when hooked to it.
  10. Is anyone doing/interested in custom buttons, tips, fill caps for the Orions? All parts shown are using Form Futura Gold HDGlass (petg)
  11. 67exec


    Who else thinks we need replay on the 60?
  12. 67exec

    Places to buy DNA 250c Enclosures for custom builds

    The battery that I used in my gxl2 build that I posted on the 1st page 4s 1600 is available in US stock, and Global stock for those across the pond
  13. 67exec

    Places to buy DNA 250c Enclosures for custom builds

    @DkPatriots Top right corner of the second pic you quoted, and then the back lip on the door. Don't have any pics on my phone, and away from home for the weekend. Only thing I would do differently is to use 3 screws instead of the magnets to hold the door on. On a side note, I get better battery life on a 2000mah 2s venom lipo than I do from 2 30Qs
  14. 67exec

    Mirage 75c 75Watt cant get 100w???

    It only does the 100w for ~1sec as part of the boost feature or during replay.
  15. 67exec

    Places to buy DNA 250c Enclosures for custom builds

    It seemed like the easiest way to me.