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  1. Mirage 75c 75Watt cant get 100w???

    It only does the 100w for ~1sec as part of the boost feature or during replay.
  2. Places to buy DNA 250c Enclosures for custom builds

    It seemed like the easiest way to me.
  3. My DNA 250C Build.........

    Thank you
  4. My DNA 250C Build.........

    On 4s, with a phone inside for GPS speed, she'll do 62mph before she goes airborn. That's about 3/4 throttle.😎 she can pull 2 5yr olds in a wagon for an entire parade route on a single 5000mah 4s batt with power to play at the end
  5. My DNA 250C Build.........

    @gizman, I didn't find a battery by my prefered manufacturer to fit your bill. My dislike for Maxamps came from my rc experience running my 15lb monster. 3 separate times I had Maxamps 4s lipos crap in less than a month, plus they couldn't deliver the amperage I needed from packs rated 3x what the max of my esc is. SPC Racing was my brand of choice until they closed up shop, now turnigy seems to be the only packs that can reliably feed my beast and hold up for over a year. It's a nitro revo converted to electric. Mamba xl extreme esc with datalogging, castle 1717 motor from XO-1, diffs from a losi xxl, and 1/4" keystock with impact wobble sockets for driveshaft.
  6. My DNA 250C Build.........

    I wouldn't buy anything that contains a Maxamps battery, or anything that recommends them. They are low quality cells at a premium price. They offer a lifetime warranty, but I could replace a better quality of a lesser price at least 3 times for less money and hassle.
  7. Tank getting really hot

    Post some pics, build, 510, etc. It's way easier to diagnose when we can see things
  8. Tank getting really hot

    Should have been heat capacity, and that is how long it takes the coil to heat up and how long it stays hot after you quit applying power. According to steam engine your coils have what I consider to be a relatively high heat capacity for a 22mm dripper, and probably borderline even for a 24mm dripper
  9. Tank getting really hot

    Have you tried less power? What gauge is your wire? Heatflux could be your issue
  10. "Throttling"

    I've been using the plus for just over a week on a self built 250c with the gauges theme and have yet to run into any issues. Dual 26g wrapped in 0.3mm x 0.1mm ribbon. All 316l from Lightning Vapes.
  11. Places to buy DNA 250c Enclosures for custom builds

    I'm happy to report that the aromamizer plus works great with replay. Dual26g wrapped in 0.3x0.1mm ribbon all 316l from lightning vapes. 3mm if 6/7 wrap .22 ohms.
  12. Places to buy DNA 250c Enclosures for custom builds

    Here is my gxl2 with the aromamizer plus on top
  13. My DNA 250C Build.........

    I have to have a single fold over clip, because in the summer, it fits in the cargo pocket on my shorts. The rest of the time it hangs on the outside of my pocket, and as a mechanic, so lower is better. Plus, with a decent clip I can roll around on a creeper w/o worrying about it falling off.
  14. need a little help

    You have to hook it to escribe and set it as a 3s battery. Otherwise, default is 4s
  15. My DNA 250C Build.........

    I buy those super cheap Ozark trail knives at Wal-Mart specifically for the clips. For a fold-over design, they have the stongest grip I've found short of an old discontinued kershaw clip that I used to have.