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  1. Is your tray pre-wired? If so, is it for series or parallel?
  2. Hook them in parallel. +to+, -to-
  3. That's where I'm at with it, just hoping that we could force the brightness higher. I have my screen set to fire from that screen, so a quick tap would turn it back on. Its the kind of light you'd use to find the key slot in a door in the dark, or or something trivial like that. My 75c has a pocket clip, so it goes everywhere with me, but my phone occasionally gets left behind
  4. @Chief Grey Bear how did you come out on this?
  5. I'm trying to make a makeshift flashlight screen. It would work like back before cellphones had a flash that could be used as a light. I'm working on a utilitarian theme that is currently based on the stock evolve theme
  6. Is there a way to make a single screen in a 75c theme stay at or above full brightness regardless of where you set the brightness on the mod? Also, can you make that particular screen have its own time-out setting? Thanks in advance
  7. This will becom a single battery squonker in the near future. Just trying to decide which 510 I want. Probably going modmaker 16mm with 18mm flat washer
  8. Stopping charge at 4.16 Will increase cycle life substantially and impact puff count negligibly especially in a dual battery mod
  9. I'm on stock evolve theme right now, but it highlights the profile.
  10. I don't know as there is really a need to lock power on the 75c, just don't leave the power selected. ie. After you fire once, press the up button then power can't be accidentally changed. I built my 75c 2 almost 3 months ago, and I've never needed to lock it. I used to carry on my front pocket, but I've put a clip on it and now carry on the outside of my front pocket. As a mechanic in a small town, I work in all kinds of weird positions like under dashes or crawling on big diesel engines or rolling around underneath vehicles and never had it change power on me. Even when had it with on so narly atv trail rides it the trees and never had it change on me.
  11. I have cold ohm probs on all of my tanks that have ss316l. Some with factory coils, and some with coils I build. I've done builds from .15 all the way to 2ohms and have trouble with all compared to my dna250's and my dna60
  12. What are you calling low resistance? I'm having issues with my 2 late in v5's one clone one original. Original has .655 316l spaced 28g. Clone has .766 316l spaced 28g. Neither give problems on dna250 or dna60
  13. Google silo-950. Looks the same except I think the customs Have the evolv logo, and a serial number
  14. None of my 250s have asked new coil, but I've never had it not vape correctly when making a tank switch
  15. Nice mod, but pretty sure the 1st post explicitly asked that people not post made produced mods