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  1. Thank you! I wasn't sure if the 60 board had any role in charging other then monitoring, I was pretty sure it didn't being a separate board but wasn't sure. I know some of the screens I have are the green tabs, may be a couple reds in the mix but most I've had for some time, I'll make a note of that for reference, thanks again!
  2. Couple questions I need answered before I do a 60 install, I'm in the process of swapping out a DNA 40D board and upgrading to a 60 in a Hana V4S today. Yeah I know, nothing like waiting to the last second to ask questions.... 1. Can I use the prior 1AMP Evolv charge board, wired to the 60, to charge the 18650 battery? I'm talking about the charge board without escribe capabilities being sold prior to the 60 release, I realize I won't have escribe. 2. The 60's I have came as small screen, I need a large screen. I have spare 200 screens, can I use one of those with the 60? I know I'd have to upload the correct large screen firmware to the board. I was going to use the existing 40D screen, but last night I happen to see on the Evolv 60 sales page, under the spare screen description it says; NOTE: This screen is NOT compatible with the DNA 40. So I assume the 40 screen also won't work with the 60 https://www.evolvapor.com/products/dna60 Thanks!
  3. Try other USB ports and other USB cables, I have a drawer of cables that will still charge but stopped working with data connection. I've tried expensive and cheap cables, doesn't seem to matter, it's hit or miss how long they'll last. Now I keep a couple new cables on hand so I'm not stuck without one that works.
  4. I just updated the wife's Windows 10 computer the other day and read a article in the news paper about the new version MS released, it includes among other things, updated higher security. Expect more of these false flags with Defender until they iron some of them out, some I'm sure won't rise to the level that MS will invest the time to do anything about, how many of the populace use escribe? Maybe there is a way to dismiss the warning? The wife doesn't vape, I don't have escribe on her computer and I'm using Windows 7 on my desktop, I don't care for 10.
  5. Yes that is the correct answer thanks to member ChunkButt200 who posted it here with pics. https://forum.evolvapor.com/topic/65550-dna-60/?do=findComment&comment=916132 I finally got around to finishing my ZNA 60 and this worked perfectly. I finally got around to finishing my ZNA 60 project and this worked perfectly. I drilled a hole in the base for the 510 then filled the gaps with some hot glue, trimmed the excess with a new x-acto blade and good to go. I also came up with a way to get rid of the crappy screw adjustable 510 and install a VariTube V1 510, not the mod is perfect.
  6. Ah, preheat boost, sorry, I thought folks were looking to get more then 200 and 250 from the boards and I just can't see going even up to 200. I'm guilty of not reading all the posts.
  7. Does anyone really use 250 watts?? Really?
  8. That's fine, you may already know this but the paste used for soldering copper pipes will work fine for a while but can ruin electronics over time, it's corrosive. Don't ask me how I know.......
  9. dberry, I enlarged and enhanced one of your pics showing where you solder wires for the remote fire switch. I'd try to carefully clean this area between these two holes with some IPA and q-tips, make sure it isn't making a connection there. What did you use for soldering flux? Not soldering paste found in the plumbing dept at someplace like Lowes was it?
  10. I know a few folks who, as I do in tc, set the watts much high then what we use and let the board control it. I have never had one of my dozen mods (60, 75 and 200's) fall out of tc and I haven't not heard of anyone else having one drop out, that's how damn good evolv boards work. They are the ONLY boards I'll use, I'll be a customer for life.
  11. Dual 18650's, nice! Looks good! I put one in a ZNA mod, I love those ZNA's, they feel good in my hand and make for a nice pocket mod when working around the house. It's still a work in progress mod, I replaced the crappy adjustable 510 with a VariTube V1 spring loaded 510, need to get some pics showing that. I've also got to do something different with the patch cable I made for connecting to the charge board so I can use escribe, I've started a thread looking for some answers on that in the modders section --> https://forum.evolvapor.com/topic/68792-can-i-bypass-the-charge-board-wire-a-usb-port-directly-to-board-for-escribe-no-charging-needed/ I'm very happy with the 60 so far, I'm getting just as good a vape as I do with my 75's and 200's.
  12. I put a 60 board in a ZNA mod, there is not enough room in the mod for the charge board. I'm not looking to charge battery's in the mod, just want to be able to use escribe. Is it possible to wire a USB port directly to the 60 board for using escribe? For now I made a patch cable from a piece of an old IDE cable and JST balance connectors as found on lipo's, I can tuck it inside the mod when I don't need it. When I need to use escribe I can remove the battery tube, pull the patch cable out, re-install the battery and tube and use escribe. I was planning on making a better and permanent patch cable but I got thinking, if I can wire a USB port to the board I can make a slot for it and then be able to plug a USB cable directly to the mod. Here's some pics of what I have now.
  13. retird, Here's what I came up with, it will get me by until I come up with a better, permanent patch cable. I used a piece of an old IDE cable and the JST battery connectors, it just fits in that void above the screen you pointed out. I can pull it out, put the battery tube back on and run the mod with a 18650 while monitoring in escribe. Now I need to know, is there a way to shut charging off in escribe with the 60? I don't see it under Device Monitor, then under the Diagnostics button like you would with a 200 connected
  14. The pictures speak all languages, good pictures, good job! Thank you for sharing sir!