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Accessory board for 3 individual replaceable 18650

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The datasheet mentions such a board:


If you are manufacturing a device that is designed to be used with three individual replaceable 18650 cells, an accessory board is available from Evolv to adapt from three individual cells to a pack and tap connector pinout, as well as provide cell-by-cell protection against incorrectly installed or reversed cells.

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I assume the triple 18650 mod that is on the market has a hand build balance connector that you should be able to work up yourself and use the on-chip connector.  If you can solder the rest of the mod, make a triple sled and put the batteries in series, then you should be able to simply add a charge tap at each + and the - and be ready to go.  Perhaps evolv can comment as to if this actually works.


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blueridgedog said:

[QUOTE=VapingBad]It will work BRD, but the board Evolv plan has reverse battery protection.

Ah...ok  I assume theirs will be well designed.  You could as a short term approach use diodes at each + tap.[/QUOTE]
Diodes cause a large (0.6V to 0.1V) voltage drop and thus excessive power loss at the high currents we are using. They also interfere with charging. You do need some fancy FET array for proper reverse battery protection. 
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blueridgedog said:

A single Mosfet on the negative...I guess we will have to wait as it would be so ugly as a homebrew.  Personally I can't imagine wanting something other than a lipo though.

I was thinking a dual mosfet setup:
#1 P channel w/ both the gate and the source is on the main (+)
#2 N channel in the main(+) / gate#1 circuit with its gate (#2 ) wired to main (-) or last battery (-)
In that case, any current coming from a wrong way (regardless of its voltage) trigger #2 closing #1 circuit where Vgate will be V source which is needed for complete shut down if I read it right.

Pos: It is an always on thing w/o any consumption unless reverse polarity when it shuts
Con: It doesn't necessarily save the batteries.

In theory, it should (no closed circuit but the right one) but I have concerns.
Any misbehaviour on the board side should do funny things. And I start to think, that some leakage current from the USB killed my fuse.


Thanks for the thread and thanks Brandon for the info.
I was naive:)
As it is stated available in the doc I opened a ticket asking for detailed info for design purpose (dimensions, datasheet, price etc.)
That is what I got:

HI Gabe

You can find all DNA 200 info at http://www.evolvapor.com/dna200.php

Thank You,

Hope it doesn't mean that we are back to the good old days...
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