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Is there a Moderator in the house?


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What I suggested is the only way to activate an account 'here' and at this point is through Escribe. Even people with Mac's have the option to use Escribe. Connected to a DNA 200 board would be nice, but what if someone has a dead board out of the box. I've been on a few forums and spam in 'open forums' is a continuous problem. Also, being a Moderator is akin to a job.

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Beside spammers, they are dumb to think they will earn some viewers from here.
Only"profit" i see they have, may be some benefit related to alexa , and even that...

I work also with advertising online for some years, and i know that is the most wrong way to advertise anything. You "burn" both your name and the product :D

Anyway, the previous idea of registration thru Escribe seems good :)

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