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Lost Vapes Efusion 200W mod.


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I just got an above mentioned mod, and when I first connected it it displayed a charging battery. That soon disappeared (the little flash indicating that the battery is charging) and now I just get an empty battery. Escribe is telling me that it is indeed charging, but at a very low power. 2 cells (1 & 3) are at 2.41 V while cell 2 is at 0.30 V. It is still connected, but it keeps trying to fire by itself. Or at least it's blinking "check atomizer" and "locked at something something". Is this normal? And if not, what can I do?

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I assume you did upgrade the firmware to the latest release and set the battery capacity to (3 cell LiPo and) 14.43 Wh?

I guess you can try a USB recovery charge (Device Monitor -> Diagnostics -> Advanced -> USB recovery charge)?

Edit: Corrected the recovery path

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OK. I haven't done the recovery (and don't want to since I do not have a problem) so I do not know how it is suppose to behave. I only know it can be used to recover a deeply discharged pack.
I hope for you someone else has more tips otherwise it probably is a warranty case.

Edit: Oh, I don't think it will solve your problem but maybe you can try recovery with another USB cable to rule the cable out?

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