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  1. Bobby

    Negative connections on dna go board

    Nice. That is something I also want to try but do not want to buy the Orion and throw everthing beside the board in the trash. Do you or anybody else know whether the DNA Go board will be available for hobby DIY modmakers in the future?
  2. Bobby


    @James Geweldig! Dankjewel! (Awesome! Thank you!) I haven't taken a look yet at EScribe 2.0 SP4. Do you know whether there are any additions/changes to the po-file?
  3. Bobby


    Dutch (NL) Language file v2.0.3.1 (for Escribe v2.0 SP3.1): NL Language EScribe
  4. Bobby


    Dutch (NL) Language file v1.2.5.3 (for Escribe v1.2 SP5.3): Zip contains the files: - EScribe.po - Unrecognized MsgIDs.txt - Lees me.txt (instructions in Dutch) NL Language EScribe v1.2.5.2 & missing ID
  5. Bobby


    Dutch (NL) Language file v1.2 (for Escribe v1.2 SP3): NL Language EScribe v1.2 & missing ID Zip contains the files: - EScribe.po - Unrecognized MsgIDs.txt - Lees me.txt (instructions in Dutch)
  6. Bobby

    Any news on the DNA75?

    Estimated time of shipping for the Hcigar VT 75Watt mod: end of april according to
  7. Bobby

    IPV Pure X2 Sub-Ohm Tank

    There seems to be more to the Pure X2 technology of the Pioneer4you and YiHi mods than I initially thought.With a TCR of 0.000875 (=TCR of SS317 which is slightly less than SS316L) the relative resistance change is 0.0875% per degree C. No problem so far, but if the coil resistance @ room temperature is as low as 0.067 Ohm, the absolute resistance change is 0.0586 mOhm per degree C (= TC accuracy)I don't think the DNA200 (and other TC mods) can do true TC on coils with such a low TC accuracy (yet). Like with a SS316L coil of 0.064 Ohm (same TC accuracy), once the temperature setpoint is reached on this coil, TC will behave very erratic.
  8. Bobby

    IPV Pure X2 Sub-Ohm Tank

    SS317 has a TCR of 0.000875. Since they are showing a TCR of 0.00088 in the video. my assumption would be that the heating element is made of SS317.
  9. Bobby


    Dutch translation file v1.11; for EScribe v1.0.42 is available.(see post#3 of this thread for download locations: /topic/65610-topic/?do=findComment&comment=886856)
  10. Aphaa was using a dual clapton coil (more mass = slow heat up), that's why I suspected the slow ramp up but seeing how he corrected the problem, you are probably right and it was a poor post connection.
  11. I think that your coils are heating up too slow. I think the initial raise in temperature should be more than 150 degree F in the first second. If this is not seen bij the DNA it will change over to powermode.You could try to increase the preheat/punch to see if this improves the situation. If not, post your profile settings and people might have other suggestions.
  12. Bobby


    [QUOTE=Guilouz]I have a new strings when upload settings :msgid "Checking Settings"msgstr "checking settings" Checking settings -> Uploading settings -> Verifying settings[/QUOTE]Thanks, I'll include that one in my NL translation v1.11 and v1.3 of the missing msgID text file (I'll update my post #3 later). [QUOTE=pol]Change Polish to English [/QUOTE]Yep, I see the same thing where the language name is still in EnglishBTW, This did not work:#. General->Ohms Lockedmsgid "Ω ({0} °F)"msgstr "Ω ({0} °F)"I have it working asmsgid "? ({0} °F)"msstr "? ({0} °f)"
  13. Bobby

    Stainless steel

    Thank you for doing the trials and posting the results. It's very helpful for me.I think that the smoother result has less to do with the diameter of the wire but more with the Cold Ohms of the coil (1.073 vs 0.552). The higher resistance will raise the TC precision (or milliOhms/degree C) so the mod can regulate more accurately.Off course (with the same build) the thinner wire is, the higher the resistance of the build will be.
  14. Bobby


    Great thanks.I found 2 more:#. Materials tab - Materials on Device#. popup screen - Moving materials between repository and devicemsgid "That material is already in the repository."msgstr "that material is already in the repository."msgid "That material is already on the device."msgstr "that material is already on the device."
  15. Bobby


    @pol, Thanks for the additionThe entry:msgctxt "English Language Code"msgid "pl"msgstr "Polish"is missing on my PC in the file [..\Evolv\EScribe\Languages\en\Escribe.po] ("zh-CN" is also not defined)That's why msgid "pl" will work and msgid "Polish" will only work if I add the entry mentioned.Please note: msgid "Please restart {0} for the change to take effect." is recognized (the 2 others are not).