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DotBox DNA200 No charge

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Hey guys,

Yesterday I was vaping no problem with my DOTBOX Dna200, 

I run a vape shop so Naturally I left my box on charge in the USB, for slow .5A charge over night as it rearly leaves the shop, Its either on charge by my computer or in my hand helping customers. This really is a spoilt mod. 


Anyway, I come to the shop this morning eager for some vape, to find battery 0% and not charging.

Ran into escribe immediately to find this. 

Charge wH are 0
usb current should be .5A

Really need to find the issue here. 
I have disconnected the battery and plugged it back in,

I have also done a soft reset
I am now going to do a Hard Reset. 

I have seen others with thise issue having a burnt out component on the board. If this is the Case, What can evolve do to help me as this device is only a month old now.


Thanks in advance.
Foggas Vape Lounge

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I am not as techy as some other members, more will come on eventually but I would try a to do a "perform a USB recovery charge"
That is found in the bottom right hand corner of device monitor/diagnostics/advanced/perform usb recovery. It's a slow process.
But first you must log into Evolv under the 'internet" tab of EScribe. You can search this forum for more info on that also.
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...don´t know how could this be... The standard setting is min 3,09V per Cell under Power !!!
In Idle Mode this shoud be more. I think this Lipo is gone and the cells are damaged...

I use a Hcigar VT200 and my Boxmod has exactly the same symtoms. I used "USB recovery charge" to reactivate my Lipo Cells - now my Box is still working. But i can observe that my display does not going to sleep. It switches permanently between Idle and Charching maybe 5 times per minute!!! Mode (the box is not USB connected). And the Display is always on.

I think this permantent switching is the problem and this slowly unloading of the cells will not be noticed by the chipset.

Firmware Bug? I use only the latest official SW/FW - no beta.

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I'd vote for the recovery charge before I went and put any cleaning materials on the board.  You would see the juice on the board if there was any. 

I had a similar problem with one of the fullymax 900mah packs and it came with one or more of the cells being severely discharged.  The DNA 200 wasn't too happy about it.  

I ended up using an SkyRC iMAX charger on it, setting it to cycle a few times. 

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I agree with wieredlove, give it a good reacharge with a lipo charger,.. i would only use a puniy little ecig chargers on puniy little ecigs. sos to tell ya how it is, but ive blown the fuse on one of mine and i knew it was gonna be down to the charger i was using was poor, i would hate to give you the same headach, if your stuck use a smart phone charger. Like a samsung..

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