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It sounds like one of your batteries is fully charged and the other is not.

If one cell is at 4.2V and the other is at 3.8V, the DNA will need to rebalance the cells. This is very slow. It can only charge quickly if the cells are nearly at the same state of charge.

Let it try and charge for about 24 hours, and see if the cells become closer. Once the cells are balanced you should be fine.

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James thinks the cells are unbalanced. Although you say your external battery charger says both batteries are at 4.2v. Well you could try swapping the two batteries around. If cell one still reads 4.2v and cell two still reads 3.9v, then I bet both batteries are at the same voltage. I hear many reports about e-liquid getting on the board especially at the bottom part that reads the cell voltages (normally known as the balance connector) can cause the cell voltages to be read inaccurately.

Ethyl alcohol works well to clean boards. Although near 100% (200 proof) might be hard to get. Clear vodka is usually 40% (80 proof) with 60% water and many have said this works well too. If you need more options to clean, just ask.

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