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Best way to clean the board.

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That looks like flux residue that wasn't properly cleaned from the board.  Pure rosin flux isn't normally that bad, but you have no way of knowing what type of flux that is and it looks like the flux was burned.  

There also looks to be some melting on the jst connector where the tip of the soldering iron was pushed against it while either soldering or re-flowing the solder on the positive battery pad and I'm not even sure what the chunk is by the fuse, but I'd get that cleaned off too.  

I usually use everclear(or any PGA) to clean flux by applying some to a brush and the rest of the bottle to me.   I'm not sure if the PCBs ever come clean, but I'm too drunk to care at that point.  :)  

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Finally got to it. The iso and toothbrush seem to have done the job.
Yesterday morning I cleaned the board and put my battery (c1-4.18, c2-4.18, c3-3.99) on the charge... 
I noticed steady (if slow) improvement throughout the day.. This morning i'm siting at 1c-4.20, c2-4.20, c3-4.15.
Too soon to be certain but i'm pleased so far.

If i ever have to clean the board again i will definitely have to try wirdl0ve's method.
Thanks again guys. 
This forum is awesome! 


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I just wanted to check if Electrical contact cleaner, that comes in an aerosol can, is OK to use? 

I have used it on other mods, but want to know it is OK to use as my Hotcig V1's fire button is sticky with juice-I know a spray of the contact cleaner will work, but I do not want to damage the mod. I will obviously spray and allow it to dry with the battery disconnected. 

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