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Escribe Battery Analyzer

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I don't know if I did this correctly but it gave me similar results to what I thought I should be getting with my battery.  I just put on my velocity RDA with a .3 kanthal build in normal mode @ 40 watts without any cotton or juice, then ran the test. Now I am hearing people say you should use a resister block but I don't see why this wouldn't work if it's providing a working resistance.  Here is screen shot of it my results. I also had ran the case analyzer as well.  Are those results good or normal?  Also my battery is a 950mah 3s turnigy nano-tech 25c.

.  Escribe_Screenshot_Case_Analyzer.jpg

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techbearus said:

Hmm.. don't have an answer but curious, how long did both these tests take to run.

Honestly they take a while.  The battery analyzer drains the battery all the way down from full so it takes along time. The other one you need 1/2- 1/4 full battery and it charges it and tests how it heats up, etc and poplulates the numbers for you. Which I am uncertain of how if any way that affects your mods preformance but there must be some reasoning behind doing it. Both take hours iirc.  If you have another mod at least which most of us do, just use it while you run both tests. It's worth it and they don't take that long. If I did mine right anyways that is.  I think it worked because my numbers are right were they should have been.
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ryanzurrin said:

What is that used for? The battery analyzer test on escribe? I don't got to have nothing like that do I?

No all you need is an rda with a loop of wire around 1ohm set the analyzer to 40 watts and let it run. That's all I have been doing for all my mods. I do set a fan near the mod to keep it cool . 
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Yeah I ran the battery analyzer through a quad coil build and def needed fan too to keep cool. But now I got the proper discharge profile for each set of batteries. I tried running on a dual at first, but the board temp got to almost 190 before I shut the test down and rebuilt a quad coil for test on my so horny rda. Really loving the dna75, but I do wish I just got the 200 instead just to have that extra power. I got another question, why when I start twisting wires and using multi strain build does it take so many turns and so much wire to even get to a usable ohm rating.? It all seems counter intuitive to me.

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