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    Mac Suppport

    I would have to agree. I sit and wait patiently; with bated breath, for an OS X version of eScribe.
  2. [QUOTE=James]*** 2015-09-03 EScribe ***This is a minor bug fix release for EScribe. It features:(1) a fix for Device Monitor flashing on some computers with Windows XP,(2) longer timeouts, for fewer error messages when using VirtualBox/Parallels on a Mac, and(3) ECigStats 1.1, which adds support for localization (Chinese and Norwegian, initially)[/QUOTE]Guys, just read the notes as you click the download links!
  3. Nach

    Escribe Battery Analyzer

    I would guess that if you built a coil just for this test, you could attach "non-resistance" legs to it to extend the coil away from the deck. I know this is not practical, but it solves the melting insulators issue.
  4. Nach

    "Re-read resistance"

    I think a better idea for the feature requested, would be a manual "new coil" command. Something that brings that up at will.
  5. Well, that broken seal could void a/the warranty?
  6. Nach

    All day battery?

    Which basically means, do not vape while it is charging! Even though you can, doesn't mean it is the best practice.
  7. Nach

    All day battery?

    Don't forget that best practice for battery health is to discharge them until your mod cuts off the battery and also to recharge, uninterrupted to 100%You'll get more cycles out of your batteries if you practice this regularly.
  8. Nach

    2s 18650 discussion

    Wouldn't a 2S2P config be possible though? 4 total cells.
  9. Use BootCamp to install windows on another partition and you can then boot your Mac into windows. With a little google-fu, you can find all the instructions.