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Please do not install experimental firmware.

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Howdy all,

The 2016-04-25 firmware for DNA 200 that some people have been trying is an experimental version. Please do not install it -- it is known to have problems. When we have new DNA 200 firmware ready for public test, we'll put it in the Early Firmware thread like we always do.



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jungool said:

i have installed it before seeing this and now i'm running lots of problems on my wismec dna200..
how do i take it back?

Save your config in Escribe, update fw from the menu and choose the version before IIRC Feb 16, because it had extra settings it may require you setting defaults in that case open the config while it's connected an upload settings to device.
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Hi, i think i did this as well. so i choose any version before Feb 16 2016? This could be why I am having issues on anew DNA 200 mod I just bought vs my some what older one that fires much better at lower temperatures and watts and I am now alos not able to taste the flavor vs when I put it on my other DNA 200 which i have not connected to this new download? Please advise. Thanks

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