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DNA 75 - Therion BF SS316L problem


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Hi all
I've a problem with my brand new mod (Therion BF by LostVape) with the DNA 75 board.
It seems like it doesn't recognize the SS316L as TC material.
In fact when I press the fire button the display show OFF instead of the temperature.
I've the fw version 2016-06-05.
Previously I had a DNA 200 board and it work like a charm with the same wire/material
Anyone can help me?

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Please check that the material looks like this with close numbers to those.
My Therion came with some wrong profiles, and only after i upload the right ones it started to work well on TC
You can try this 3 i attach here and see if it start to work well with any of them (I had these 3 at hand and i'm a bit busy, so cannot test them now)




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I have had issues with SS 316L for a long time-until the SP3 update. 

I now use the SS 316 profile with SS 316L, and am very, very happy with its performance. Before in Escribe, it was very, very choppy once temp was reached, that was if it even recognised the wire as a TC wire, but now on all my Evolv powered devices, 4 DNA200's and 1 DNA 75, SS 316L works great. 

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You can get the Evolv csv for 316 by opening a default config for you board, going to the materials tab and saving the 316 from the list in the left hand list, then connect your mod and remove 316 from any profile using it, then the materials lists. Now import the csv you saved in the left hand list, copy to the right hand list and select in the profiles you want and upload settings to device. 

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