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    screw stays/spacers for board

    I'm placing the screen elsewhere(not right in front of the board) can I use silicon(liquid firming type) so that the board is spaced correctly away from the metal box and also electrically isolated from the box as well?
  2. masonjarvapes

    Extension display ribbon cable

    What kind of ribbon cable is it specifically? How many pins?
  3. masonjarvapes

    Dual 510 connectors

    Bump previous post
  4. masonjarvapes

    Extension display ribbon cable

    I'd rather not if there is a prebuilt extension
  5. masonjarvapes

    Extension display ribbon cable

    I believe it's been asked before but with no there a prebuilt ribbon cable extension for the display?
  6. masonjarvapes

    Dual 510 connectors

    In theory wiring up multiple 510 should be fine as long as they are parallel and do not exceed the maximum ohms allowed correct?
  7. masonjarvapes

    Removing on-board buttons

    Can you just clip them off Instead of desolder?
  8. masonjarvapes


    I'd rather not have the buttons on the board for accidental pushes if something shifts around
  9. masonjarvapes

    DogMods 5x DNA200 VapeStation Project

    What'd you use for internals and power supply
  10. masonjarvapes

    Zif socket and cable

    So as far as we know there is no prebuilt extension ribbon for the screen?
  11. masonjarvapes


    I have something special in mind, my question to DNA is can I order one without the switches installed?
  12. masonjarvapes


    maybe this has been covered but i noticed that you can wire up remote buttons for the fire, + and -. If you use those, do you have to remove the buttons already on the pcb or will it still work?