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discontinued DNA200?

DNA Papst

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No link needed.... I got my information straight from Evolv on January 14, 2017 neither will be discontinued ....I usually go to the source to verify the validity of rumors when needed....:)

But yep, a DNA250 can replace a DNA200 in a device as they are the same physical sized boards....

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I have an aria dna200 that bits of the dna200 chip fell off so I put a 250 chip in it
the screen holder needed some of the legs trimming down as it was bending the board (a lot)
luckily I noticed before fully tightening the mounting screws
the screen holder uses the external button connection holes to locate it as well as several standoffs
I had to trim several of the standoffs to get it to sit right

defo extra lumps and bumps on dna250 lol

hope that helps

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