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Not getting a new coil promt when I switch tanks.


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You can lock your ohms with kenthal, five press fire button to lock mod, hold in up button and fire button, a screen prompt will ask, continue holding to lock ohms, a little padlock will show on scredn after your ohms measurement when in ohms locked mode.
If not locked, when you take the atty off and press the fire button it should read check atty and then 0:00ohms, 0:00v?, then a space for temp..??

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So it's not supposed to give me a new coil message, unless I change tanks with very close ohm's. .2 to .5 no message, .2 to .29 I'll get a message? Ok got it. Thank you guys! This was driving me crazy. I thought both my wismec DNA's were acting up. I'm just trying to get them running perfect for my fist build on TI wire, moving on up to temp control!

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lewisss said:

The dna200 only asks if it as a new coil if it is close to the last coil you had, (within a certain percentage) if it is a long way off it treats it automatically as a new coil

Does the DNA 250 also do the same? automatically treat it as a new coil if it is a long way off? and no prompt?
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