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    so. this is nice collection of themes. i have only one minor issue with the design, see, i paticularly like the sunburst but not as much so because of the 5, 10, 15 instead of 1, 2, 3, incriments. thats pretty much it. still, i like the simplicity, uncrowded screen. the puff count is displayedon main screen, i wish every theme had puff count on the main screen. but if that were so, this might not be my favorite. 5 stars for sure!!!!
    first off, this theme gets a big fat rating of 10 stars!!! all around best theme. question. are you the only builder supporting ver 2.0 or 2.1... if its a must have update whats up with all these other fantastic themes, now looking stuck and shit. lets get them all up to v 2.0 also!!!! am i missing something? once more this theme is fxxxing cool! oops please excuse and allow my writing. thanks
    titties! seriously! need i say more?
    okay so i havent even tried it out yet! first impressions.... cooool az fuuuuuu. ill be trying this one sometime today. thanks for the ul
    i like this theme! its only my 3rd day being a proud dna owner. so im still getting used to this. quite a few themes ive flashed are really minimal. this one is jam packed but still easy to understand. i definitely enjoy having what seems like everything DNA has to offer in one theme rite at my fingertips... anyways two thumbs up and thank you hookn everyone up. take care.. one small issue, i would rather have my puff count instead of the last puff time showing on the main screen. this theme kicks ass!
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