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  1. Gavnaf

    Paranormal 250C- High Resistance Readings

    That is, other devices show 0.145 on your atomizer? or is it a calculated value? I advise you to check the connection of wires to the connector, or clean the threads of the connector and atomizer. You also need to firmly hold the screws on the atomizer; a loose connection may make amendments to the resistance. but I would refer this difference to dirty threads and a connector.
  2. Hey. I have such a problem: my old batteries (sony vtc5a) are correctly discharged from 100% to 2% after which the device ceases to give power, I believe that this is normal work. But, the other day I bought myself two pairs of new batteries (sony vtc6). One of the pairs also works correctly, but the second pair is discharged to about 60-40% and then ceases to give the necessary power and the device writes "Week battery", then the charge drops sharply to 20% and to 4%. In the store, they replaced me with this pair, but the new one has the same problem, while the others work correctly. Tell me, will the battery analyzer help me and how with the new settings will the old batteries work with which there were no problems? Tell me why batteries work this way? My device: Paranormal DNA250c, I believe that it works correctly, and the problem is in the batteries themselves.
  3. Gavnaf

    Paranormal 250C Default

    Version 1.0.0


    Default settings
  4. Gavnaf

    Paranormal 250c battery and charge problem

    Hey. Paranormal DNA250c very accurately determines the battery charge. I can assume that your batteries have been used for a long time and have lost their initial capacity and the device has identified and shown it to you. I advise you to replace the batteries with new ones and use an external charger.
  5. Version 1.0.2


    I upgraded the theme "Evolv Default Enhansed" a bit, for my Paranormal DNA 250C. Decided to share it with you. List of Changes: Changed the illumination of the fire button while pressing, Changed the title screen, change the "Puffs Info" screen, changed the power switching step to 5w. Perhaps this theme will please you more than the original "Evolv Default Enhansed"