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  1. Version 1.0.0


  2. This is a design theme. In the theme editor, you can remove this signature. Or change the subject to another. The mod shows that the charger is disconnected.
    The settings that I put in one screen, to which you go by pressing one button, you made on three different unreadable screens, which you still need to get to. Very confusing menu, strange choice of colors, small print. I am preparing a modified version of "Argus 2.0" where the same settings will be placed in one tab of the main screen. In my themes, I always try to make the interface as friendly and fast as possible, but you confused everything so that you yourself had to draw labyrinths in the description.
  3. Version 1.0.0


  4. Version 1.0.6


    Design inspired by VOOPOO Argus mod. The bars in the center of the screen are a battery indicator. Дизайн вдохновлен модом VOOPOO Argus. Полосы в центре экрана являются индикатором заряда батареи.
  5. Version 1.6.0


    I am pleased to present you a refined, clean and very stylish theme. Nevertheless, despite the fact that the design of the main screen is very clean, this theme has a wide range of settings in the "Edit Profile" menu С удовольствием представляю вам отточенную, чистую и очень стильную тему. Тем не менее, не смотря на то, что дизайн главного экрана является очень чистым, данная тема имеет большой спектр настроек в меню "Edit Profile". Потому что, те темы, которые вы хвалите за хороший функционал, вызывают у меня кровь из глаз своим дизайном.
  6. Version 1.2.0


    The combination of blue and black shimmers when the display is tilted
  7. I will be pleased if you leave a link to the original skin in the description. Subscribed to your updates, it's nice that people liked this. I will be glad to help you in solving some issues, if they arise in you, write in messages.
    It's very nice that you decided to use my Arctic Fox theme as a basis. You got a great design, keep up the good work and try to create your own interface.
  8. Version 1.2.0


    Big power font, Custom light)
  9. Version 1.6.0


    Arctic Fox skin, Big watts font, simple lock screen, custom blue light )
  10. Version 1.5.5


    5w switching step, Big power font, Custom light)
  11. I tried, everything is monolithic. Try unscrewing the three screws holding the connector, then pulling it up, it will easily come out, look inside.
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