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  1. 148 downloads

    Even if the theme looks like a pimped out stock theme at first glance, the actual operation has been completely revised and equipped with extensive functions to prevent incorrect operation. Furthermore, the entire boost / preheat control is also carried out on the main screen - only the control elements are displayed that are also switched on and off from there. The navigation is very intuitive and fast. Description_for _translation.txt You might also like the Portrait version:
  2. Hi All thanks for reading this post, pardon me if i asked anything absurd (or considered) its my first DNA device, i got it made by local modder by supplying him with all the parts necessary, now the mod is at my hand. i have couple of question 1. Does 510 connector affect TC vape?, i bought it fairly cheap from our local e-commerce store (Below 3$) 2. Does wire used affect TC/Replay.. since i don't buy the wire needed (i should've) i don't know what type or size of wire the modder use, I've sent him the spec sheet from evolv website,and i presume that he'll use the suggested wire size/type from that sheet 3. Does theme (From evolv theme park) has anything to do with performance? I've tried two tank so far, and every time i hit replaysometimes it saving the puff sometimes it doesn't, and in tc mode it always say temp protected. i hope some one would help me. I'm going to send the mod back to the modder this coming Tuesday (August 18th) cause my screen isn't really in a good alignment. if the above factor will affect the mod performance, I'll try to double check with the modder to get it fix. Thanks guys, cheers
  3. Version 1.0.1


    Profil pour le TC de l'inspire Ici j'ai optimisé un profil pour une vape froide juste exceptionnelle. Diam : 3mm Pattes : 5mm Tours : 9 Serrés et rodé a confondre le fil avec du cuivre et BIM ! Cotton et là go et sa décoiffe sans cramer ! j'espere que vous apprécierez tout autant que moi ! Bec a vous ! et bonne vape -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here I optimized a profile for a cold vape just outstanding. Diam: 3mm Legs: 5mm Tours: 9 Tightened and honed to confuse the wire with copper and BIM! Cotton and there go and his hat without crame! I hope you enjoy it as much as me! kiss to you! and good vape
  4. Here is a preset for INOWIRE temperature control This is my first post, first configuration, first sharing with the community. To test and tell me if there will be any bugs Voici un préréglage pour le contrôle de température INOWIRE Ceci est mon premier message, ma première configuration, mon premier partage avec la communauté. Pour tester et me dire s'il y aura des bugs profil TC Inowire.ecigprofile
  5. Hi All, Can you please help? My LV Drone has started to display 'OFF' the second I fire it, I have the unit set at 90W 410 F and Temp dominant in Escribe. I have tried raising and lowering both Temp and Watts, Also Rebooted (uploaded) settings but still can't seem to find out how or why this is happening. Help and advice appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Hello everyone! I have a problem in tc, it seems that the temperature rises too much without temp. protecting and infact at 420F the cotton is scorched. What could it be? it's the first time that happens to me with a 75C . nife48 coil , internal diameter 3mm, 6 wraps, tcr is 0,00400 zivipf. thanks for the help and sorry for my english
  7. Hi All, First off I am Loving 'Replay' on both my 250C and 75C, Thank You Evolv you did a GREAT job. What I would like to know is.... I used to vape in T/C using Ti wire, then I changed to 316L, I know using Replay it is set for power mode but if I want to use Ti wire again for some spaced coils do I need to upload the wire type profile from Escribe or does 'Replay' automatically sense wire type based on Ohms and Rise due to Temp/Power ratio?
  8. I set the mode as TC in escribe for a profile. The device monitor doesn't show temp and the device goes from 0 to 400f without anything in between. Is no TC an issue someone else has had ?
  9. Vandy Vape Superfine 316L MTL wire. I've been vaping TC since the launch of the DNA 40 and this wire is about the best I've found for TC bar none. I'm no affiliate of Vandy Vape, I'm not even in the vape business anymore, I'm just sharing what I have found as it works and works very well. As a basic explanation, tension wrap your coils by anchoring one end of the wire and wrap towards the anchor point maintaining tension on the wraps, space the coils to just about the width of the wire, too close and you'll just get a bunch of popping andspitting. that's all you need to know. This coil spacing pictured would be just a hair too close although it vapes very well and works well with 316L TC it just pops and spits a bit much for some. Keeping the ohms resistance up lowers the amperage and utilizes more voltage making for a more efficient circuit demanding less from your batteries which is a safer vape. Enjoy! ;0) Edit; Pics didn't work so well, I give!
  10. Hi. Here is my setup: Coil: ThunderHead Creations, SS316, 28AWG, 2.5mm, 6 wraps: 0.81Ω Power: 18W Temperature: 210°C Preheat: 25W Temperature: 210° Settings for SS316: CSV file from Steam Engine with TCR 0.000915 The results from the vaping experience are attached to this post. Not much vapor produced, it's like the atom can't have the necessary power to vaporize the eLiquid, but if I go in power mode and I set 18W, the experience is smooth, very smooth. Question: what's the problem? Can't figure out what is going on.
  11. Hi there, i was wondering how to do TC with a nicrom coil. Has anybody tried this out? If this is the case could post the csv o tcr or some information abut that? Thanks in advance.
  12. My Esquare DNA60 is having problems doing TC with SS316L. I put in a new coil, it won't change its resistances from the last one, pop out batteries, still won't, take off atty and hit fire, still won't change. Ohms aren't locked at all and even if I move it to device diagnostics it STILL shows the last coil under live ohms for no reason. To make it worse on a 0.65ohm 26gSS316L single coil it just will continually nuke the coil with 50w-60w when the temp is set to 450f and just decimate any coil I put into it. No matter how I build, if I lock ohms or not, its just isn't doing TC correct by any measure. I've flashed the device to 3 times now and the problem is still there. Does anyone have any solutions. I bought this mod for its great TC but so far $20 mod's chip is much more reliable.
  13. Version 1.5.1 [BETA]


    Odomknutie/Zamknutie: 5x Firing Button (Žhaviace tlačidlo) Rýchle aktualizovanie odporu: Kliknutie na momentálnu hodnotu odporu (ohmy) v ľavom hornom rohu Môžete ma podporiť odberom na YT: youtube.com/bezhodnotenia
  14. I am about to order some Zirconium wire to use with my DNA mods, and I have been unable to find any profiles for it. Does anyone have one, or know what TCR value I should use?
  15. Hello everybody, I'm new to TC vaping and before I start, I made some researches. IIRC, the ohm should change while I'm vaping. However, I see no change at all with my dual 0,3ohm, ss316l, 26ga wire. 1,5s preheat 70w and 45 normally. I'm using Pilgrim GTA if it helps. Also, I may lock that ohm by mistake through escribe. How can I revert it on my mod. One more question, what is the range of vaping with this build? I feel like the more temperature the more I like. However, I read that fruity juices should vape at lower Temperatures. Thank you all.
  16. I'm a bit curious as to why there seems to be a discrepancy between TC and Watts on the Crown III 0.25Ohm Parallel SS316 Coil. According to UWell the coil is recommended at 80W-90W in non-TC mode. My TC is set to cap at 600F. I'm currently using the coil in TC mode w/ an 80W punch @ 2sec set to 535F and while it jumps to 80W pre-heat when firing that immediately falls off to 40W (give or take a couple watts as it pulses) to maintain the 535F temp setting. The materials curve is for straight SS316 (not 316L). If this is correct - then what temp would this thing be running at if I switched it over to Wattage mode and set it to 80W continuous? Also, why the huge discrepancy?
  17. Hello everyone! I have a Therion 166. I'm using UD 24AWG 316L SS wire from Fasttech. 2.5mm diameter single coil, 5-6 wraps coming out to be around 0.25ohm. The numbers add up on Steam Engine. I tried using stock 316 material, and the 316L Elite profile from Steam Engine. Firing at 20 watts with no preheat, temp limit at 420F. On both profiles the temp limit hits after a second or so I get very little vapor. After the second or third puff in a succession the temp limit hits almost instantly and I get no vapor. It wasn't as bad when the coil was freshly made last night, it keeps getting worse. This is my second time making a similar coil with the same wire, and same results. SS430 works beautifully, and I experience none of these issues under similar settings. Using Escribe 1.2 SP5.2 Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Can I provide any additional information to help you understand it better?
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