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  1. Original theme is just me resetting the factory that will return.
  2. Good morning ... Recently my Finder DNA250C started to consume more battery than normal. I don't know what it could be but he has consumed about 1% per puff ... Is there something wrong. The batteries are new.
  3. Just reset the device using the registry, download a new theme and update and return to normal.
  4. sorry for the delay to post but the finder is alive. thank u all
  5. So he didn't die ... Good ... As soon as I get home I'll try again to set him up in the scribe. Thanks a lot for the help.
  6. Well ... I was wondering if you can save him or died?
  7. yes ... It appears in the image loading ... I don't have a photo but I took a print of a video I already had on my cell phone.
  8. Hi guys. Could someone help me with this problem. My finder showed the message of disconnected on the display, what can it be?
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