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  1. OK... links should be working again.
  2. Oh crap... the hosting company went belly up. I’ll Try to get them up on a new site later tonight and update the links.
  3. Wow, I have not even thought about this in a while. Good to see it is still getting some use.
  4. Mikla

    OLED Screen Source

    Ok...I'll move along and keep to myself. But the display I mentioned has 15 pins on the ribbon cable with the same signals as the display shown in the pinned post. But I will let smarter people than I figure it out.
  5. Mikla

    OLED Screen Source

    As an FYI and sorry if this has been posted somewhere... I think the below is accurate.Here is a link to the options for our screen (DNA 200 appears to use MI12832DO-W5 due to SPI interface).Here is the actual link to the above screen (sometimes does not completely load)Here is an alternate link to the full specAlso, why would this display not work? From what I can see the spec sheets look identical.
  6. Hey folks... real life got in the way. I'll get back to this soon with some of the suggestions... including GitHubLaguz... it will pull .from all the fonts loaded in windows. If you want to use one of those fonts, just install it in Windows and it should show up when you press the Font button.
  7. Link should be fixed. Will look at putting up on GitHub.Whoever is the Admin, wish you would enable the edit source code option in the edit window. I would prefer working with the BBCODE directly (at least I assume it is BBCODE).
  8. Mikla

    SS316L Help

    Would this be a correct Steam-Engine build for this coil?Thanks!
  9. Updated first post with new version. Added pixel level magnified image editor, fixed a bug and a few other things. Version notes are now in the first post as well. Some of the changes are breaking... meaning that if you load a cfg file it will look a little different so adjustments will be required. Things like font and some of the image quality areas were improved to give accurate sizes and better images... even in black and white
  10. Good catch. I think that is a rendering vs image creation issue. I believe I know how fix it... will take a look Thanks!
  11. Put a link to a new version.- added text rotation, can rotate text 360 degrees- added image rotation and scaling (still need to fix clipping image when rotating)I found myself needing the rotated text. Not sure the image rotation was needed (easy enough to do in almost any image app), but it was fairly straight forward. I have code to avoid the clipping, just got to find it. Left original version up just in case I introduced some bug into this version (it's late). Will put source up tomorrow (later today).
  12. Oh crap... meant to thank you and recognize you for the graphic... my bad... Thanks!
  13. Oops... sorry folks. It was like 4 or 5 in the morning when I posted that. Forgot to embed a custom Library (font dialog). Both links should be updated with a new build. I tested it on a Windows 8 VM and it worked. It is a stand alone app with no other files required [fingers crossed this time ).
  14. I was playing around with my new toy and saw a bunch of folks making custom screens. Decided I would try it as well. After creating a few today, I thought it might be easier to create a quick app that would help create the screens. So I wrote a Windows App:It hasa previews of the image at the top10 multi-line text fields, position x/y, font type and size2 image import fields, scale image to fit, position x/yblack on white or white on black foreground and backgroundsave image in multiple formatssave configuration for loading/modifying later You can see what I did above, took me about 1 minute. I pulled a random black and white shack image off the net (no idea what it's original size was), added some text in different fonts, positioned everything and done.Here is another example that is very easy but very specific about a made up (and does not look realistic) build (theme): I cut and pasted the ?? symbol off the net ( you can do this with almost any text symbol).There is also an image bit editor which allows you to change individual bit colors or quickly invert the entire image: I would consider this early Beta code as it has only been tested by me to date. I'll try to make updates and changes as needed but make no promises (thus the source code is available). The C# Windows Form application was developed in in Visual Studio 2012. It is a fairly simple app. Plus I developed this without plans for anyone else to use it, so I did not worry about error checking too much in this build.Feel free to download a play with it. For those that want to source, I've provided a link as well. They are clean files, but if you want to scan them there are various online scanners like Online Virus Scanner.Links:Application V1Application V1.1Application V1.1.02SourceSource V1.1.02Version History:1 Release 1.1 added text rotation, can rotate text 360 degreesadded image rotation and scaling (still need to fix clipping image when rotating) (breaking)1.1.01 increased x/y positioning values from +/- 100 to +/- 1000fixed rotation limits on image 2modified image and text rendering, fixed text pixel offset (breaking)added preview checkbox, some font is too big to view in textbox when formated1.1.02 added simple image pixel editoradded render quality checkbox option for imagesTODO: - (DONE) add pixel editor fix image clippingadd Save InverseDisclaimer: The use of the software downloaded through the links provided is done at your own discretion and risk and with agreement that you will be solely responsible for any damage to your computer system or loss of data that results from such activities. Software is provided 'as is' without warranty of any kind, either express or implied.
  15. Mikla

    Titanium Coils

    Sounds like a loose coil. Might want to make sure everything is tight and/or rebuild the coil.