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  1. Tortuga

    The iOS Theme (iPhone XS 2019) v.2.0.

    I will actually release something similar in the future, shoulda msg me first.. 😉 Anyways, i'm flattered you like my theme so much you decided to tweak it! Please don't say that it is V2 of my theme though, not cool.. Differentiate a bit maybe
  2. Tortuga

    The iOS Theme

    @VaperFilip @RedGlare @biff Fixed the "Out of space" issue in Version 1.1. The latest EScribe update (SP17) was causing it
  3. Tortuga

    The iOS Theme

    Glad it's resolved, thanks for let me know. Hope you enjoy the theme! Sure thing, i like this feature too. I did it for the regular wattage mode and forgot to do it for TC. I'll upload an update shortly. Thanks for letting me know
  4. Tortuga

    The iOS Theme

    Well if you can't see the menu text and you can see the arrows but not the profile name, i can confidently say that it is not a theme bug. Must be something else in the process. However you stated that you have "US firmware 1.1 service pack 35". The latest service pack is 33.2. I reinstalled escribe just to make sure that 33.2 is the latest and it is. I'd suggest you visit this link and re-install escribe, then apply the latest stable service pack to your mod from the "tools" tab which is 33.2. Perhaps you have a beta software/firmware which i don't have access to and it is causing issues. My second thought is the file somehow got corrupted, in that case download the theme from here again and upload the new file to your device. If the problem persists after you do these 2 things, you can upload here or p.m. me some pictures showing the issues you still have just to make sure that i didn't misunderstand your words. Unfortunately i can't help you more than that 😕
  5. Tortuga

    The iOS Theme

    Version 2.0


    The iOS Theme. Available in 4 COLORS. Made with extra care from scratch, I'm happy to give you The iOS Theme! The iOS Theme supports Replay on both DNA 75c and DNA 250c boards. This theme utilizes everything a DNA color board has to offer. This creation was inspired when i saw that big beautiful battery icon of an iPhone while i was vaping. I wanted that for my mod ASAP... and thus my creativity journey begun. Hope you enjoy the result! Available Colors: *Colors are based on the default wallpapers for iPhone XS, XS Max and iOS12 iOS12: Space Grey: Silver: Gold: Main screens: Replay: Temperatute Control (TC): Regular Wattage mode: Icon Menus: Phone: Safari: Messages: iTunes: Swap Time for Battery %: Advanced Live recording options with color mapping: Battery info support for up to 4 batteries: Credits to Apple and their iOS graphics team for the inspiration. Leave your thoughts down in the comments and remember... reviews help! The iOS theme is provided for free. If you like my work and want me to create more DNA color themes, you can always support me with a secure PayPal donation by clicking the button below: You can find my other theme here: Mx2 (Available in Green & Blue)
  6. Thanks, i was thinking about it since we were talking. I designed the icons a couple of days ago and loved it on my mod. Glad you like it!
    Damn, looks like you were holding back all this time !
  7. Version 1.1.0


    Version 1.1 This update introduces a visually enhanced Replay experience. Mx2: Clean and simple main screen that adapts to your needs! Easy navigation with icons menu. Theme is available in both Green and Blue. Works on DNA 75c and 250c devices with Replay Here is the main feature of this theme. The information displayed on your screen will change according to your vape style. Displayed info adapts for the following: Replay mode with any temperature sensitive material selected (pre-activated) Replay mode with selected material "Watts" (pre-activated) Replay Activated Temperature control Wattage Mode Each of these screens will provide different data according to your needs and your specific vape style. No need to navigate sub-menus to find what you're looking for. All you'll ever need is on your screen Icon menu is simple to navigate, yet providing all the information your board can offer. "Back" and "Home" buttons will help you navigate easier. Designed for simplicity Puff Charts screen gives you the option to record 9 different type of data for your puffs. These 9 options are represented by the colors they have on the chart. No more guessing! Hide info is a new feature added in version 1.1. You can now hide the battery %, Ohms and Voltage with Amperage from the main screen. You can have the "clean" screen experience instead of the more technical one. When hiding "battery %", the battery icons will get bigger with more accurate representation. It's all about customization! All and all an advanced theme even a simple user can navigate. Try it out and let me know what you think in the comments and reviews. The Mx2 theme is provided for free. If you like my work and want me to create more DNA color themes, you can always support me with a secure PayPal donation by clicking the button below: You can find my new theme here: The iOS Theme *Sidenote: Huge credits to @niandra3 . His themes are the only ones i enjoyed using when i got my dna board. "Mx2" was inspired and based on his "Clean Black and Blue V1.7" theme. Check out his latest theme here: Clean Colors
  8. Just giving my 2 cents from my POV, im gonna edit according my prefs anyway Hope i helped. Yeah, i read that you started from djlsb's, but this one is just superior, no point going back now. I understand if this theme was dedicated to the 250c or something, but i usually vape anywhere between 50-70 watts and 1 watt makes a difference to my vape. Couldn't use it at all for MTL too. Anyways, waiting for the 2.0 now
  9. Also the 5 watts change was a huge deal breaker for me, changed it to 1 watt
  10. Thanks making and updating this theme so often @niandra3, it surely is my preferred one out of the ones that i've tried. I have adjusted the main screen a bit to fit my preferences more. I hope you apply some of my ideas in the future, so that i don't have to edit it every time you update it The version i have edited is 1.7 I have completely removed the menu icon from the main screen. I didn't like it that much when i was using the theme, it felt weird and unbalanced being on the top right, especially when scrolling. Ideally, i would move it and add a dedicated "Info" icon opposite to it and remove the "info" from main menu. There's only so much space on the screen before it starts looking clustered though, so i just removed it. The battery % took its place, it feels sooo much better next to the battery. I moved the "Main Menu" function to when you highlight the bottom "status" bar and when it's highlighted, it says "settings" there now instead. I was also considering using the battery icon or percentage for accessing "main menu" but i just went with the other choice. Anyway, with the percentage out of the way, i added a resistance lock toggle. I like to have it easily accessible when using TC, it was a big issue having to navigate 2 sub-menus to get to it. I also added exceptions for the main screen when in wattage mode. When in wattage mode, you had Voltage replacing the temp number. Don't know why honestly, i assume you only vape in TC. Ohms now take the place of Temp number when on wattage mode and were the ohms used to be before, it gets replaced with "last puff" seconds. Did some swaps with the field numbers too, put them in order i find more useful and convenient to what i'm used to. The main menu was a massive issue for me, still is. Everything i go to frequently is under "info". That's way to deep buried in 2 sub menus. And when i back, it takes me to the main screen, not the submenu i was before. That's navigating 3 sub-menus to get to the screen i want again. My main issue though is that useful stuff are too deep. Don't have a solution yet for that (i'd probably design a theme based on yours if i had), i can say that it is just too inconvenient. Meanwhile the main menu screen has something useless taking up space like F/C. As a temp solution i just moved the coil info on the main screen, i plan on moving more. Swapping "main menu" and "info" is worlds more convenient for me. i'll probably go for something like that and rename them. Also removed the "profile" from "main menu"