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  1. Already shared my views on this, so no point repeating it in a rude way like you are doing. I'd also appreciate it if you weren't trying to put words in my mouth. It is quite clear now that what you are doing here is targeted and a cheap attempt to undermine me. You have no intention of a dialog, you're just trying to throw dirt and force your ideas in an attempt to influence others. Feel free to do your preaching elsewhere, this is a space reserved for inputs related to this theme and you haven't contributed anything in your multiple comments. I've made it clear in my last reply that this in
  2. It's an original theme that I created after hundreds of hours of Theme Designer experience, it's not like the file randomly appeared on my pc. It is the result of hard work whether you see it as a hobby or not. I've also created a mod because I'm a hobbyist, it doesn't mean that I will upload the files for free, although I did for my themes... So, while your view is romantic, I find the idea of not letting people express their potential appreciation by donating extremely unreasonable and demotivating for the creators. It is work that we share for free afterall. I have many more thoughts on the
  3. Hello @gwyar, Your english is fine, no worries . I've probably done my fair share of mistakes in the description. I've seen you around in the forum, nice to finally talk. Good to know that you've done the watts increment changes before, also very good to know that somebody did it before you. Don't take me wrong, i didn't write that to offend you or others that did it before me in any way. I genuinely hadn't seen it anywhere and that's what i said. I was sure to phrase it like that, because i'm not browsing all the themes and therefore, I am not aware of what every other creator does
  4. Version 2.2


    * Time is centered in the actual themes! Available in 6 colors: Black - Red - Blue - Green - Orange (Ultem) - White I decided to re-design the iOS Theme for my new mod design. All the mix-colored heavy themes were just too much all the time, so I knew that I had to make something simple this time. I settled on doing a theme that Ι wouldn't get tired of looking at, using the controls of the iOS theme that I really love. I started developing V2 of this theme with the addition of red in mind and ended up expanding the color options more. The
  5. You just @ him so he will see it. Your input might be helpful to the dev/devs. Some of the 1st half is translated funky but i think i understand what you're saying. The overload makes sense since it happened to me when double clicking undo fast. It has happened to me with a 4 screen theme that was relatively empty though. Maybe specifically the undo with past changes overloads causing the duplication, a dev can make more sense out of that info. I don't believe the OS can possibly be responsible for any of that though. I can also add that it has happened to me with a LOT of free RAM and CP
  6. No need to get defensive there bud, this is the first time that i hear about it. So you're implying that if you upload the theme from escribe the "less/more than" and "less/more than and equal to" are not inverted? Or are you referring to the undo bug?
  7. I'm fluent in English and Greek my friend, if you are referring to me please type in one of those if possible
  8. The 1st one is self explanatory from the title. It is messing up the numbers in themes by being inverted. The second one is that by using "undo", there's a chance that a whole screen will replicate the previous screen and the non-replicated screen will just be lost. I'll try to explain it in a another way. A screen can copy-paste itself on another screen when using "undo" and replace it. You end up with two of the same screens whilst completely losing every previous data from the other screen. Do not know for sure how to replicate this bug and what are the criteria for which screen will b
  9. I am currently working on 3 DNA Color Themes. I modified one of them to a different language (Greek). Therefore i went to the language tab and changed all the messages and a few other things to that language. All good so far, i saved it. After a while I opened the second file that i am working on and the language tab was changed to Greek without me ever doing that. I open up the 3rd theme, same thing. I was starting to think that the language tab became a personal setting or something and the theme had no control over it. The language tab transfers all its settings to other themes you've
  10. I'm making a new housing for my board, just wondering about the optimal wire size that i should use for quite a while. So a 21700 can go up to 30-40 amps. The 75c can cope with up to 30A continuous current. The optimal wire size to support this current is 14GA. Problem is the 14GA wire barely fits in the soldering areas of the board, there's no room to actually solder it properly. I did it once and it was a living hell, i wasn't satisfied by the outcome either. 16GA fits nicely but it's up to 22A. Which makes me wonder what kind of wire the common parallel dual battery mods use (therion,
  11. I will actually release something similar in the future, shoulda msg me first.. 😉 Anyways, i'm flattered you like my theme so much you decided to tweak it! Please don't say that it is V2 of my theme though, not cool.. Differentiate a bit maybe
  12. @VaperFilip @RedGlare @biff Fixed the "Out of space" issue in Version 1.1. The latest EScribe update (SP17) was causing it
  13. Glad it's resolved, thanks for let me know. Hope you enjoy the theme! Sure thing, i like this feature too. I did it for the regular wattage mode and forgot to do it for TC. I'll upload an update shortly. Thanks for letting me know
  14. Well if you can't see the menu text and you can see the arrows but not the profile name, i can confidently say that it is not a theme bug. Must be something else in the process. However you stated that you have "US firmware 1.1 service pack 35". The latest service pack is 33.2. I reinstalled escribe just to make sure that 33.2 is the latest and it is. I'd suggest you visit this link and re-install escribe, then apply the latest stable service pack to your mod from the "tools" tab which is 33.2. Perhaps you have a beta software/firmware which i don't have access to and it is causing issues. My
  15. Version 2.1


    The iOS Theme. Available in 4 COLORS. Recently Updated to 2.1 Made with extra care from scratch, I'm happy to give you The iOS Theme! The iOS Theme supports Replay on both DNA 75c and DNA 250c boards. This theme utilizes everything a DNA color board has to offer. This creation was inspired when i saw that big beautiful battery icon of an iPhone while i was vaping. I wanted that for my mod ASAP... and thus my creativity journey begun. Hope you enjoy the result! Enjoying this theme? You can always help me out with a PayPal donation!
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