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  1. Ok after hours of digging I guess I found the answer buried in a facebook post.
  2. My Paranormal (actually a 250c) came with 9 profiles Watts, REPLAY, Kanthal, ss430, ss316, Titanium, Nickel 200, Watt Boost.
  3. I'm aware of that, It's just every video I have seen of this mod and many pics it has a "Watt" mode as does the Paranormal I bought at the same time.
  4. Hey guys Firstly, total DNA/escribe noob here so bear with me pls.. I just got myself a Mirage dna75c (lovely rose wood model) and first thing I notice is it doesn't have a 'WATT" mode, is this normal? The modes listed are (in order) REPLAY, Nickel200, Kanthal, Nichrome, NiFethal30, SS430, SS316 and Titanium Also is it supposed to have Lost Vape firmware and/or Theme on it? I went in on escribe and it has the default Evolv Theme and when I go to Lost Vape website to look for firmware there is a file labeled "...TherionParanormal-.." ( not Mirage) on the Mirage firmware link which is only adding to my confusion. Pls advise if somethings amiss or everything is as it should be? Thanks
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