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  1. bird

    Temp protect in watts mode

    Haven't had any issues at all. What material, resistance, coil style, and wattage are you running on it?
  2. bird

    New to DNA mod

    The materialish themes in the themes forum allow you to turn replay mode on in TC profiles, btw. Be aware you should dial down the warmth initially and then bump it up, I managed to convince the mod it needed to put out 95 watts preheat in replay mode in a 65 watt operating tc profile.
  3. I'm right there with you. The 510 plate is what the atty sits flush with, and all the handsome gunmetal and black anodized band don't show any signs I've attached anything to it. I prefer this, it keeps things nice longer. The plate is thick, as well, and the mating to the frame seems solid. Don't throw it down a stair well, but it is just fine the way it is.
  4. I'm just happy the 510 is a solid design. Mine sits perfectly on the connector, which is a bit higher than the black band of metal with the logo on it. The atomizer sits flush on the 510 though. Could have been different before lifting the 510.
  5. You know, I didn't really look that awefully close to see how things sat before, but they are flush as I could ever ask for as of the moment. Everything I own that is.
  6. No prob bob, that's what life is about, getting answers! <3
  7. Out of curiosity, I took the 510 up on my paranormal250c, just to investigate. It's a whole different story than the 75c was. They solder into the threads of the top half now. On mine at least.
  8. bird

    Mesh and Replay

    The biggest issue I have found is that every mod on the planet is sold with a SS316 profile, and no SS316L profile at all. To add to that, a lot of companies like to ride the SS coils a bit warm, so they dial the TCR up. 316L is apparently a lot more sensitive to the TCR used in the equation when it's in mesh form. I imagine something along the lines of inductance between the individual strands makes it much narrower of a resistance response. Using the 88-93 range, depending on mesh grit, the chipset is focused on the very narrow band that 316L has, and it becomes even better than it typically is with the SS316 plain TCR profiles. Long and the short of it, people need to ship a specific 316L profile, or VandyVape needs to plaster the TCR on the label, because the L doesn't seem significant if you don't know.
  9. bird

    Mesh and Replay

    I have the VV Mesh RDA, running 400 SS316L mesh, using a proper 316L tcr value mind you, and I trim it 2MM thinner than they sell it on the spool. This winds up giving me the most accurate TC I've ever gotten. The GeekVape AS chip can keep up with the coil without issue, and the 250c does an immensely better job of it. I wind up getting perfect vapor all the way down. I did make a profile for 316L with replay enabled, and it seems that it works as advertised in TC mode as well. I set my temp and wattage as always, and once I get the boost and everything hammered out, I hit save puff. Then 20 minutes later, when I think there's something wrong with the 6 hour old mod, I look inside and see cotton so dry it desiccates the skin on my fingertip. TC alone doesn't do what TC Replay does.