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Found 8 results

  1. Version 1.3.0


    Versi lama sudah kami hapus Tema dna 75C / 100C / 250C single & dual coil temperature control mode Tema ini memudahkan anda dalam pengaturan TC mode atau non TC. Anda dapat melakukan escribe melalui mod, tanpa harus melalui PC/laptop. Contohnya menentukan nilai watt, preheat, temperatur, measure coil, lock ohm, dan punch preheat langsung melalui main screen. Tetapi jika anda akan memasukkan file material maka anda harus tetap import file dari PC/laptop. Tips untuk bagian "main screen" - profile & material , maksimal gunakan 5 huruf/angka supaya tidak over screen (contoh : mtl 26) DEZGO LIMIT.ecigtheme
  2. Hello, thank you for accepting me in the community, I am a new user of DNA 250C. The question I wanted to ask is if it is possible for the device to automatically apply the profile according to the coil, just as arctic fox does. Thanks greetings
  3. Hi As we all know, when you start vaping on a coil, the ohms will normally drop after using it for a while (for example, new coil installed reading at 0.2, could drop to 0.15-0.18 over time). Is it advisable to go into the atomizer selection on the mod and measure the coil again occasionally as the coil is used so the mod is reading accurately or just to leave it at what it read originally? Thank You!
  4. I have strange issue, when attaching the Vapeston Nano tank (with a brand new - primed coil) on the Paranormal. The tank catch fire throwing flames out of the drip tip. At first I thought it may be the wattage set to high (the last coil that caught alight the wattage was set at 35w). I even tried another base on it (gone through 4 coils), in case there was a short somewhere. Iam not even firing the tank and it just catches alight. Is there something I am doing wrong? I am now using the Nano on an old Smoke Alien and running without catching fire. I haven't changed any of the settings in escribe, boost is off, no pre heat. Profile is set to Wattage. The Mod has been perfect with other Tanks, RTA's and my Goon.
  5. Hi guys, I have a question for everyone with Paranormal DNA250c from Lost Vape, or for anyone that could help me, yesterday i finally got my new Paranormal DNA 250c, as this is my first mod (used only ijust2 and smok vape pen v2 before) i am still learning many things (basically i am a beginner). Now to the point: I am using Cthulhu Hastur mtl rta with the smallest air disc inside (the tightest draw), my target was 1ohm with SS316l 28ga from geekvape which indicated that i should use 9 wraps to get to my 1.0ohm target (used steam-engine.org). But, when i turned on the mod the coil came out at around 1.1+-ohms, with manual settings i could reduce it to 1.06ohms after few hours of not vaping. (I have attached photos of the coil) Using it for MTL-ing at around 12w it works great in replay, also in temp control using SS316 preset, replay basically sucks the coils out of the juice without one dry hit, well the atomizer runs pretty hot and sucks alot of juice for mtl, but after chainvaping i guess thats normal (or not, cant compare it), but what i fear is that paranormal series had some issues with reading the ohms because of 510 connector and that i am a victim of the same problem 75c had: Am i doing something wrong if im not getting 1.0ohms at 9 wraps, but 1.1+-, have i done a mistake building the coil, or does my paranormal 250c have a problem with 510 pin reading ohms a little bit high? The internal resistance of the mod is 0.004ohms (checked through EScribe). I would be eternally thankful if someone could help me, With Regards, Abadaman Photos of the coil:
  6. So I got my first DNA device a Lost Vape Triade DNA250 a few weeks ago and it's super awesome! My only desire is get some more vapor, it's decent but I think it could be better, I think it's because I don't know anything about building for TC. Ive been using my standard builds for wattage mode, dual coil stainless steel 316L Clapton 24/36 3.5 inner diameter 8 wraps ohms around .25, I've also tried same wire dual coil 5 wrap spaced .15 ohm. Any advice on builds for tc for better clouds, maybe single coils? Spaced? Different wire? Ps my settings are set with the specific wire csv with a preheat of base wattage for coil +50% ex. The first build run at 100w with a 150w preheat, @500F Thanks!!!
  7. Anyone else get a new coil question every time you fire after waking up device? DNA 250.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    After almost a year break comes here my new theme matching my new online shop of the next Month in Germany goes online. Have fun with it.
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