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  1. Yup, the mod is really classy and the replay function is just, well, amazing, yesterday i opened up EScribe, diagnostics, took 3 puffs, saved and watched basically identical graph curve on every subsequent puff. This thing rocks and it really works. Im lovin it
  2. Mine also doesnt sit totally flush, but to be honest its something i dont care about at all. :))
  3. Mine shows even more wraps through steamengine, around 9.94wraps @ 1.1ohms for ss316l 28ga, 3mm, thanks guys for clearing this out for me (and thanks to the guys @ vapeshop also :)). The replay works flawlessly, this thing basically sucks the cotton smoothly out of the juice without a problem
  4. Yeah you are probably right, i am still learning as paranormal 250c is my first mod, the inner diameter is 3mm
  5. I just came back from central vape shop, we tested my paranormal 250c with few other devices and literally all of them showed little variances of resistance using hastur mtl rta with ss316l in it. Mine measured at 1.11ohms, other mod he tried showed 1.09ohms, another one 1.07ohms, guys there assured me that this is normal and there is nothing wrong with my device (havent bought my 250c from them so they had no reason to lie to me). I guess they are right, what do yo guys think?
  6. Hi guys, I have a question for everyone with Paranormal DNA250c from Lost Vape, or for anyone that could help me, yesterday i finally got my new Paranormal DNA 250c, as this is my first mod (used only ijust2 and smok vape pen v2 before) i am still learning many things (basically i am a beginner). Now to the point: I am using Cthulhu Hastur mtl rta with the smallest air disc inside (the tightest draw), my target was 1ohm with SS316l 28ga from geekvape which indicated that i should use 9 wraps to get to my 1.0ohm target (used steam-engine.org). But, when i turned on the mod the coil came out at around 1.1+-ohms, with manual settings i could reduce it to 1.06ohms after few hours of not vaping. (I have attached photos of the coil) Using it for MTL-ing at around 12w it works great in replay, also in temp control using SS316 preset, replay basically sucks the coils out of the juice without one dry hit, well the atomizer runs pretty hot and sucks alot of juice for mtl, but after chainvaping i guess thats normal (or not, cant compare it), but what i fear is that paranormal series had some issues with reading the ohms because of 510 connector and that i am a victim of the same problem 75c had: Am i doing something wrong if im not getting 1.0ohms at 9 wraps, but 1.1+-, have i done a mistake building the coil, or does my paranormal 250c have a problem with 510 pin reading ohms a little bit high? The internal resistance of the mod is 0.004ohms (checked through EScribe). I would be eternally thankful if someone could help me, With Regards, Abadaman Photos of the coil: