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  1. Fekkovich

    GridBoy 2000

    White color is now available!
  2. Fekkovich

    GridBoy 2000

    Since i dont know kyrillic i translated all this through google translate, and what you pointed out are things i will have a look at right after and at the same time im making the white color variation requested, in the coming days. Thanks for your input and feedback!
  3. Fekkovich

    GridBoy 2000

    I could make a white color-variation in the coming few days, should be up before sunday! thanks for the input!
  4. Fekkovich

    GridBoy 2000

    Version 1.0.0


    The theme has a clean and simple home screen which can take you either to the main menu or to the "secondary home screen" which is a bit more in dept. It suits thoose who like me want a lot of different read outs and information while setting your vape up but dont need it all the time. There is, at the moment 5 different colors available. Blue, Green, Orange, Purple and Red. Will as usuall be happy to get any feedback or suggestions. And if you try it out and notice any flaws or mistakes i made please point them out to me so i can fix any issues in an update.
  5. Fekkovich


    Thanks! I havent had any glare issues with it so far atleast, with the brightness set at about 6-7 i think. I might have a smaller fix for font sizes and some really minor re-alignements coming today or tomorrow. Just really minor things ive noticed. Really glad you like it tho!
  6. Fekkovich


    Anything special you are waiting for? Thanks!
  7. Fekkovich


    Okay. Will look into this aswell as soon as i get the oportunity!
  8. Fekkovich


    Hi Zark, im glad you took your time to comment but sadly i dont speak any kyrillic . But i ran it through google translate and if it did not translate completely wrong you think that battery icon not looks right to this theme. And i kindof agree and that icon is one of the next things that i will change. Thanks for the input and feedback!
  9. Fekkovich


    Version 1.2.1


    Made this theme as a preparation for the arrival of my Paranormal 250c. Its basically just a modification of the stock evolv-theme with a synthwave look and a few added things. Will be more than happy to recieve constructive criticism and feedback and so on so that i can further improve it! Please bare with me and the fact that i havent been able to see it on a mod yet and therefore i might have some tweaking to do just because of that. Would you like this theme with different backrounds and another style than Synthwave? Just shoot me a comment or message!