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    Rebel Vape 2X700; Rebel Vape Inline 2x18650; Dovpo Top Gear; Dovpo Riva; Dovpo Odin Mini 75C DNA

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  1. Here is the same, but with 2 batteries showing on the main screan. Rebel Vape Dual by PST 1.0.ecigtheme
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Hi all, I was looking for a Rebel Vape Theme and did not find one. So then created one for myself, by editing some graphic items from Gauge theme by @SirTimmyTimbit. Big thanks to you Sir, I use your Gauge or Digital themes alternately with my other DNAs. Then I though I could share it, if you have a Rebel mod and like their spade logo, you may like this theme. Rebel Vape Dual by PST 1.0.ecigtheme
    Very clean and still lots of settings available! Great job, thank you!!
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